French SCALP EG Missiles Are Now In Ukraine

SCALP Ukraine
screenshot from the video below showing the missile and the logos painted on it.

A video from Zelensky’s visit to a Su-24 units shows that the French variant of the Storm Shadow has arrived in Ukraine and has already been put to use.

The SCALP EG missiles promised by French President Emmanuel Macron to Ukraine in the last few months are finally in country, as shown by videos released on social media. Ukrainian President Zelensky was seen signing one of the missiles during a visit to a Su-24 unit. While the date of the video is unknown, it was released just as new strikes with cruise missiles were performed against Crimean bridges.

The missile signed by Zelensky might be the first one delivered, as it was decorated with the SCALP EG writing painted in the French flag colors, the Coat of Arms of Ukraine with a superimposed Eiffel Tower and a logo which merges the Su-24 and Mirage 2000 shapes. Another writing between the two logos has been obscured. The aircraft carrying the missiles in the video was reportedly the same used in yesterday’s strikes in Crimea, according to a post from the Ukrainian MoD.

The SCALP EG (Système de Croisière Autonome à Longue Portée – Emploi Général / Long Range Autonomous Cruise Missile System – General Purpose) is the French variant of the MBDA Storm Shadow cruise missile, which has been in use in Ukraine since May. Just like the Storm Shadow, the SCALP EG is carried by the Fencer by using modified Tornado pylons.

The two missiles are almost identical, with just minor differences. According to some reports, France is supplying 50 missiles from its own stocks, while the number supplied by the UK is still unknown. Anyway, the missiles are being used in a very effective manner, with precision strikes on key targets deep behind enemy lines.

On the other hand, Russian defenses are not so effective at countering the British weapon, as there are only a few reported cases of Storm Shadows shot down or malfunctioned. This might also be thanks to the reported use of ADM-160B Miniature Air Launched Decoys (MALD) drawing away the air defenses’ attention from the cruise missiles.

With weapons continuing to pour into Ukraine, the SCALP EG is just the latest wester weapon to be delivered. Last week, in fact, another British weapon was show for the first time in Ukraine, the AIM-132 ASRAAM (Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile). By using a 6×6 Supacat High Mobility Transporter chassis, two Tornado missile rails and a sensor turret, the ASRAAM has been adapted in a SHORAD (Short-Range Air Defense).

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