Here’s The Video Of The Syrian Su-22 Fitter Being Shot Down By A U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet

F/A-18E Super Hornet vs Su-22 Fitter near Raqqa, as seen through the Hornet’s ATFLIR.

On Jun. 18, F/A-18E Super Hornet belonging to the VFA-87 “Golden Warriors” and piloted by Lt. Cmdr. Michael “Mob” Tremel,” shot down a Syrian Arab Air Force Su-22 Fitter near the town of Resafa (40 km to the southwest of Raqqa, Syria).

The VFA-31 Tomcatters, also embarked on USS George Bush (CVN-77) supporting Operation Inherent Resolve from the Mediterranean Sea back then, have included footage of the aerial engagement, filmed with their ATFLIR (Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infra Red) pod, in their 2017 OIR cruise video.

Here below you can see the relevant part of the cruise video, the one that shows the AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile) hitting the Syrian Sukhoi (from two different angles – maybe because other Hornets filmed the scene) and then the Fitter crashing into the ground.


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  1. Sources vary, but the true figure is closer to 5 to 1. Kill claims of the 1950’s depended almost exclusively on the verbal debriefs of the claiming pilot and his wingmen. The fighters of that time period could not rely on the radar/flight data recorders to help confirm kills that were readily available in the 70’s and onward.

    Moreover – while both sides can be prone to overestimating kills of enemy aircraft, Western sources are decidedly less likely to lie about losses of friendly aircraft. If an Israeli or American F-15 and its pilot failed to return from a mission, the voting public would demand why. If a loss was purposefully concealed and the public discovered the truth, then the opposition party and press would have a field day with the controversy which would ensue following such a revelation.

    Soviet and Soviet-allied governments during the Cold War, on the other hand, had no free press and no opposition party to worry about if they decided to conceal the loss of a friendly aircraft.

    • Not true at all. We are notorious for lying about our combat losses. The 5:1 ratio is bogus as well. True ratio was closer to 2:1 in our favor and closer to 1:1 against Soviet piloted MIGs. This was conclusively proven by the Rand corporation who independently researched and debunked 10:1 claim.

  2. Nice try comparing a shot down of an aircraft to a publicly observable conflict such as a war whom result can be just hardly presented somehow differently than it really happened. You are not realizing how easily could be incident like the Libyan version of the clash, that moreover didn’t have any direct witnesses (except the pilots), covered if it would not fit to the U.S. scenario for any reason. It wouldn’t be the first time Americans tried to cover something what went wrong and what might harm their reputation.

    1960 U-2 incident
    1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash
    1963 A-12 crash

  3. Russians didn’t get into any direct confrontation with Americans during the last decades, so you can’t know whether they lie or not about their superiority. Judging just by some events that occured in the Middle East has no sense because Russian equipment mostly didn’t face to its equivalent counterparts there.

    What makes them unreliable, being Libyan pilots? Sure it must be a good reason to think it’s just propaganda. Su-22 definitely wasn’t outdated in 70’s but since the Libyan Air Force owned just basic variant with downgraded avionics it was outdated against interceptors like the F-14 in 80’s.

    No one is denying that those two Su-22s were shot down, I’m just saying there might be something more in the background what according to Libyan claims and American obvious experiences in this, might be covered or classified.

  4. Did you read what I wrote? Read the Rand corporation report of the f86 v mig15. This is the only independent research done in this subject.

    What exactly did we tell Speicher’s family after he was shot down? Ground fire? Mechanical issues? Took 10 years for us to acknowledge this shoot down. By the way, our official position is still 10:1 against the mig 15. Do yeah, we do lie a lot.

    • The system responsible for downing an aircraft is not always immediately clear. Once the truth of Speicher’s shootdown was clear to U.S. officials, it was admitted that he was shot down by a MiG-25.

      The 10:1 claim is still more credible than your 2:1 claim. A single uncited line in a powerpoint presentation by a Washington think-tank does not constitute a credible source.

      • This is the Rand corporation buddy.
        They’ve been around for 70 years. They are as reputable an organizations as can get. Just accept you cannot accept the truth. You pick and choose your sources and in the face of overwhelming evidence cry like a baby.

    • Really? Really?! THIS is the famed RAND “report” people crow over?

      The 2:1 claim is buried on slide 85 (out of 90) of this powerpoint presentation. The source of this claim is UNCITED, and therefore not credible. The authors of this Rand PowerPoint cite Wikipedia as an official source for claims unrelated to the Korean War.

      The authors are neither historians nor Korean War experts. The entire thrust of this presentation is to convince members of Congress and Air Force leadership that current Air Force thinking on the future of Air Warfare is wrong. The Korean War air-to-air kill ratio they use in the report was probably the lowest one they could find on the internet, and was sought after in order to bolster their argument that pre-war assumptions about kill ratios are usually more optimistic than experienced in reality.

      Anyone who thinks this RAND PowerPoint presentation constitutes proof that the USAF only enjoyed a 2:1 or lower kill ratio in Korea is not being honest with themselves.

      • And what makes your sources credible? Have you ever served in combat? I was in Vietnam. I know the lies we were fed by the dod.

        You are embarrassing yourself by dissing the Rand corporation. They are as reputable as they come. They are a non profit organisation with nothing to gain by lying, like you are. Son give it a rest. Know when you’ve been beaten.

    • Why are you wasting your time arguing with this guy? Just block him and be done with it. He’s undoubtedly another Leroy clone.

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