[Video] Low level flying Syrian Su-24 Fencer trailing smoke

Short clip of a low level flying Su-24 trailing smoke.

Even though the user who uploaded the video to Youtube titled the footage “Mig-23 Low Pass Scream – Syria”, the aircraft you can see in the footage below is clearly a Su-24 Fencer.

The aircraft can be seen overflying the cameraman at very low altitude, trailing white smoke: provided it was really shot in Syria, the video may show a Syrian Arab Air Force Fencer hit by ground fire (or dumping fuel) trying to return to its homebase.

What do you think?

H/T to From the Skies for the heads up


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  1. That shot you have in the Still above is the best frame to analyze; the trail looks too organized / sourced from two dumps of some sort on either side of the can. Further, the engine doesn’t sound like its experiencing any failure of any sort and the pilot seems to be pushing it rather than what one would typically see via a engine trouble, i.e. throttles back, etc.

    My guess is he’s dumping fuel…

    • A single long fuel dump probe behind the exhausts.
      No mention of Dual Dump Probes in the Specs

  2. I have two things
    1. Chemical Weapon
    2. How is it that the people on the ground seen the airplane coming and got the video. Staged Video if you ask me.

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