Iranian Shahed 129 drone appears over Damascus

Apr 10 2014 - 10 Comments

Footage filmed in Syria once again shows a made-in-Iran drone flying over Damascus.

A “Shahed 129″, type of drone based on the Israeli Hermes 450 model or the Watchkeeper 450 model, but larger than those types, was spotted over Syria on Apr. 10.

The Shahed 129 is a remotely piloted vehicle claimed to have an endurance of 24 hours and an operative range up to 2,000 kilometers. Noteworthy, in September 2013, Tehran unveiled a version of Shahed 129 domestically modified to carry weapons, making the Iranian drone a real UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle).

Still, the Shahed filmed today doesn’t seem to carry any weapon, at least based on the blurry images currently available.

It’s not the first time a new Iranian drone was delivered to Assad: in November 2013, a Yasir drone, a modified copy of the Boeing ScanEagle (captured by the Iranians in 2012) was filmed over Damascus suburb Hujaira AlBalad, in Syria.

The comment we made back then is still valid today: it’s at least funny how fast any “new” Iranian UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is delivered to Assad’s forces.


H/T to @hlk01 for the heads-up


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  • P.Act

    They produce such toys which are capable of killing just innocent civilians and it’s a BIG SHAME for Mullahs’ Regime.

    • Christian

      That’s israel that help Daeish and Annosrah to killing civilians.

      • P.Act

        I’m sure everybody who’s read your funny comments has laughed for long hours. So I give a lot of thanks to both of you poor funny Basijis!!!

        • Obc

          There you have it, people like P.Act find killing by drones “funny” when it is committed by America and Israel but, rush to condemn other states for having them.

          Just another example of the inherent double standards of, people supporting the American war agenda and the armed groups in Syria.

        • wmac

          Ya, check the votes and you’ll see readers have laughed about which comment most.

          • P.Act

            No problem, every member of irgc cyber arm can come and vote for the comments they are ordered to

    • SOHEIL

      What about American killer drones over Pakistan !?

      Shame on you too :-D

  • Farzam Mir

    The Shahed-129 seen over Syria seems somewhat different with antenna on the top and an enlarged bulge.

  • Obc

    A cyber army, eh? Would that that be instead of the infamous hasbara, the state of Israel’s army of hired, keyboard warriors, recruited to penetrate western websites, mainly American and post comments in support of Israel, from a prepared list of talking points?

    Israel Hires Internet Soldiers to Penetrate American Forums, Chatrooms

  • wmac

    You are wrong. There are at least a dozen operational drones made by Iran. By operational I mean delivered to military units and performing regular operations.