Stunning, rare air-to-air image of the first Israeli Air Force C-130J in formation with other

Apr 09 2014 - 5 Comments

The first Israeli Air Force C-130J Super Hercules (dubbed “Samson”) arrived at Nevatim air base. But on its way to its new airbase, it was welcomed by other IAF support aircraft for a fantastic and unusual shot.

The first of four C-130J has arrived in Israel. The new aircraft joined the Heavy Transport Division of the force.

The Israeli Air Force C-130Js, are those featuring a longer fuselage, capable to accommodate 92 paratroopers and their equipment or, alternatively, four military SUVs or 128 soldiers.

With the arrival of the first new cargo plane (the remaining three C-130Js will be delivered by the end of this year and the beginning of 2015), the Israeli Air Force will consolidate its transport fleet: the 103 Sqn “Elephants” squadron, that will operate the new “Samson”, will be absorbed into the 131 Sqn “Knights of the yellow bird” which mainly uses upgraded H-model examples.

During its delivery flight, the new C-130J was met mid-air by other aircraft of the IAF based at Nevatim: a C-130H “Karnaf”, a G-V Nachshon Shavit spyplane and a KC-707 Re’em.

Last month, the first M-346 advanced jet trainer for the IAF was unveiled in Italy.

Image credit: IAF. H/T to Nimrod Weiss for the heads-up


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  • usebrain

    i love to see the planning strategy of the IAF Israeli Air Force…the move with plan and work towards the plan…not like ht other IAF[INDIAN AIR FORCE]

    • A B S

      cool bro.. but is good for india to make friends with israel

      • usebrain

        hope they wouldn’t get corrupted by us [indian middle man]
        This is what i see ABS…with whom ever you join indians will delay the pace and momentum of the work…drag…drag…drag
        You ask question they are quick in pinpoint the issues of others
        Indian planing is worst…thatz the reason Spain left the Scorpene project…France stayed back as they can drill more money from India
        You never learn proper
        Below are my proof:
        1] Mig21s made in Russia which Syria used till now never fell down…in india it is falling reason those are made in India…spoiling Russian name
        [Poor standard, not learned the professional making and Quality rejection system is bad]
        2] You just got C130j, not learned proper and it lead to the crash [pilot error is the report]
        No matter its Russian product or US product if given to indian they will fall
        Even Mirage fell down[reason serviced in India]
        Why taking more care on LCA reason it has to be sold out…once mass production starts…see the laughable Combat Aircraft too will fall

  • zio brain

    How much did this cost American taxpayers?

    • Francis Miller

      but maybe less than a direct intervention … ;-)