You can buy a Ukrainian Tu-95 Strategic Bomber on eBay right now

Have you put aside some 5 million USD? Then you can buy a Tupolev Tu-95 Bear.

The item is listed as used but shipping cost from Ukraine is included.

According to the seller (a company headquartered in Switzerland with “locations” in Germany and the Ukraine whose field of activity “includes the production and distribution of goods and raw materials from Ukraine and the rest of the world”) the Tu-95MS, a variant known as Bear-H and capable to launch the  Raduga Kh-55 cruise missile, is not brand new, was “collected” in Ukraine and can be shipped from Harbour of Nikolaiev or Odessa.

Even though the Ukrainian Air Force does not operate any Bear right now, Ukraine got one unit of Tu-95 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union: twenty three TU-95MS, one TU-95K and one TU-95M aircraft were passed to Kiev and were subject to decommissioning under the provisions of the START-1 treaty.

Noteworthy, 11 strategic bombers and 600 air-launched missiles were exchanged by Ukraine to Russia in payment for the gas debt in February 2000.

The aircraft shows signs of both the Soviet red star and the Ukrainian Air Force roundels formerly applied to the plane.

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