F-14 Tomcats flybys, treetop passages and gun strafing video

Better, much better than any Top Gun footage!

There are not so many videos showing the U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat on the range, perfoming some insane, treetop flybys before being cleared for a gun strafing pass.

The much interesting and rare footage was shot in 1993 at Fort Chaffee, in Arkansas.

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  1. That would be by my first squadron VF-202 “Superheats” and I know those two Tomcats in the video well. Buno 162710 and 162711 the last two F-14 “A” models built for the Navy. They were delivered straight to us in the hi visibility finish.

  2. Reminds me of a time many years ago now that my dad and I were hiking a rugged beach and watched a flight of 4 of these maneuvering against each other over the ocean. Never got anywhere near that low but it was still cool to see them fly. Best naval aircraft ever, hands down.

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