[Video] Iranian F-4 Phantom testing Qader air-to-surface missile

On Sept. 25, Iran unveiled two new domestically produced air-to-surface missiles: the Qader and Nasr.

Whilst Nasr is a short range missile, Qader, derivative from Chinese C802 supersonic ASM (Anti-Ship Missile), is believed to be a cruise missile with a range of about 200 kilometers.

The following interesting video shows the testing activity conducted by an Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force F-4 Phantom with the new missile. Including a successful hit.

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  1. A few comments;
    Firstly the NASR-1 has been around in a ground/sea launched version for quite a few years now (particularly with the IRGCN’s fast attack craft). This appears to be a modification to allow for an air launched capability.
    Secondly, the NASR-1 uses a solid state rocket motor. So how on earth is it possible for the missile to have (2) “fuel tanks”? One appears to be FORWARD of the warhead and autopilot sections and another one is at the very aft end.
    Lastly, why would they write all of that in english for me to read? I smell a degree of propaganda. Not to say they don’t have a missile that’s air launched (clearly something flew in that test), but perhaps its little more than a one-off propaganda tool.

    • propaganda .? yes.
      but english is international language.
      russia – china – france and … some times write in english.

    • More than a few degrees. I love the stencil they used for the English characters. I’m not sure I saw a hit on a target, but it certainly hit the ground. Plus the aircraft taking off was not the same aircraft seen in the landing sequence. And what’s the B-747 trail all about? – going after AF-1? The Iranians need to rethink all their amateurish propaganda videos – they really are sad.

    • It’s pretty clearly a turbine powered, air breathing missile. And of course there is a propaganda aspect to it. That doesn’t mean they aren’t working to field an operational version.

  2. The video was made with an american fighter and american music (the dark knight). Maybe terrorist are calling call girls with their iphones…

    What an irony

  3. The 747 has tanker capability. The F-4 was simulating refueling from it.

    I’m also not sure that it missed the target. If it was simulating an attack on a ship, then the high part of the target would represent the radars on the ship and the missile would aim for below that. So this might have gone through the scaffolding without knocking it over. The camera angle is bad, however.

  4. That 747 trail up close and tight reminds me of a little something that happened in the 80’s were a US destroyer got shelacked for shooting down a Iranian passenger plane the captain suspected of having a ghost on. Interesting if our captains would have the balls to make that call today?

    Of course the nation of key kids and the original creator of the “muslim cruise missile” would never do such a thing as use a passenger plane of civilians to sneak onto a target.

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