[Photo] Alaska’s F-22 Raptor stealth fighters on their way to the Middle East

Sep 30 2013 - 8 Comments

Six F-22 Raptor aircraft belonging to the 3rd Wing from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson have arrived at Lajes field, in the Azores on Sept. 27.

The aircraft were deploying to an undisclosed location in the Middle East: considered the almost permanent presence of the stealth fighter jets at Al Dhafra, it is quite likely the Raptors photographed by André Inácio were on their way to the large U.S. base in the United Arab Emirates.

Few days ago, Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh said that an F-22 Raptor flying an HVAAE (High Value Air Asset Escort)  over the Persian Gulf flew under two Iranian F-4 to check out their weapons load without them knowing that he was there, and then pulled up on their left wing, called them and said ‘you really ought to go home’ because they were pursuing an MQ-1 Predator.

The 3rd Wing has recently developed a new concept to deploy four F-22s and make them ready for combat from a remote location in 24 hours. Raptors from JBER in Alaska are among the F-22s with the most recent “Block 3.1″ hardware and software upgrade, that provides the ability to find and engage ground targets and drop GBU-39 small diameter bombs.

F-22 Lajes 2

Image credit: André Inácio


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  • Muhammad Usman

    Let’s see, how these fare against Iran’s Stealth Qaher-313! I am sure, there will be an absolute SCI-FI meeting of two epic cutting edge technology fighter planes.
    The whole world will be watching this encounter in absolute Aww with all major news channels & discussion boards clogged with the same discussion.

    • kmbog

      Are you being serious?

  • feni

    very very interesting .!?
    american latest technologies encounter with iran ?!

    i think iran work for this new problem.(rapidly)

  • Gary Smrtic

    Rather odd, isn’t it? It has been my understanding that we keep our most advanced fighters safely away from the prying eyes of our potential enemies, rather than put them based on the ground where they are subject to scutiny and potential damage.

  • Justin

    Those things sure look cool with the external fuel tanks loaded up. Fierce.

  • Christos Poravas

    Really shows how big these are if you compare the size of the pilots head to the rest of the aircraft.

  • Pedro

    so stealth. with those fuel tanks. oh wait…

  • P.Act

    When they’re going to fly a long distance why not using external tanks? When there is no body in the world capable of threatening them while flying in their secret routes? And of course with those tanks hanged under their wings they are still invisible to the most of the Radars in the world. Don’t worry about them. They are deployed somewhere safe and secure and their base is under heavy protection. Even if it was not so, still Islamic Regime of Iran or any other terrorists couldn’t be brave enough to damage them ’cause they know it well that this action is equal to suicide.