Several helicopters fighting the massive forest fire “Carpenter 1” in Nevada

Jul 31 2013 - 7 Comments

Several aircraft have been operating out of North Las Vegas airport to fight the forest fire coded “Carpenter 1”.

Carpenter 1 is a large fire on Mount Charleston, that began on Jul. 1 and remains the highest ranked priority fire in the U.S. according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

U.S Forest Service scaled

Taken by Alan Sondak, the interesting images show some of the 17 choppers operating from North Las Vegas A/P to fight Carpenter 1, including an Air Crane, a Bell AH-1F, a Bell 212 and a Bell 210.

Minuteman in Vegas scaled

Image credit: Alank Sondak

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  • Artyom

    Interesting… How Cobra can help for fire fighting?

  • Sonic

    What exactly does the AH-1 do?
    I’m guessing aerial command and control of the ground units but do you have any more info?

  • William Dix

    The AH-1F Firewatch Cobras replaced the worn out OV-1D Broncos in the aerial command and control, fire reconnaissance roles. As well as keeping a watch on fire spread, direction and speed. The fact that it has excellent visibility to the sides lets them do orbits around things they are looking at.

    A good overview is here:

  • gnark1ll

    Vietnam era helicopter force re-purposed for humanitarian missions!

    Whats next? B2 Spirit delivering precision food parcels?

  • David Schwartz

    For a little more information on the AH-1/Bell 209 Firesnake look here: