Syrian rebels have captured an intact (Made in Iran) “Pahpad” drone. And here’s a video showing some details.

Jun 13 2013 - 3 Comments

Many videos showing the so-called “Pahpad” drone, made in Iran and used by Syria to spy on the clashes in Homs were uploaded by the rebels since the beginning of the uprising in Syria.

All the footage depicted the made in Iran UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) from the ground or what remained of the crashed ones.

Until Jun. 12, when a new video showed a seemingly intact “Pahpad” in the hands of the rebels.

Intact Pahpad

The new video provides close-up images of the mysterious drone: the engine, the wings, some numbers (as aircraft’s individual codes), as well as a turret, most probably the one of the FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) camera.

Noteworthy, the airframe’s base color is light blue, as in the first images of the Iranian drone published on the website, with a sand-colored coat.

“Pahpad” (پهپاد) is not actually the official name of the UAV but the short form of “parandeye hedayat pazire az rahe door” (“پرنده هدایت پذیر از راه دور”) that is the Persian for “remotely piloted aircraft”.

H/T to Eliot Higgins aka “Brown Moses” for the heads-up

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  • achraf

    why USA france and UK are helping this terrorists in syria, giving them weapons, there is war of attrition of syria by this contries and their tools Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Even most of terrorists will die in fighting the AAS, the few restants will make them regret their hypocrisy.

    the terrorists lie about their electronic war unit, the parachute of landing is deployed, it’s just a prototype that the terrorists find in an army laboratory that they take, there is no military marks of AAS and no inscription in arabic, and the painting is altered.

    God bless syria and its army from terrorism and conspirancy of the democratic world.

  • nico

    Looks like Iran successfully reversed engineered all that software from the RQ170!

  • Backup