Emergency Over North Sea: Cockpit Recording Of Aircrew Ejecting From An F-4D Phantom

Ejection caught on tape.

The cockpit audio you can find below in the form of video with transcript was recorded in 1975, during a flight that ended with the ejection of a pilot and a WSO (Weapon System Officer) out of a U.S. Air Force F-4D Phantom, about 80 miles off the coast of England. It was uploaded to Youtube with some background photo by the son of the pilot who says: “Both my dad and his navigator were rescued […]”

The recording starts with “TREST 11” a flight of three Phantom jet performing air-to-air training before (at 04:00 min) one of the F-4s suffers a compressor stall.

Hear the rest of the adventure unfold.

Although the pilot of the doomed fighter jet gives bearing, range and distance to RAF Bentwaters, “Trest” was a standard radio callsign of the 48th FW, based at RAF Lakenheath.

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  1. Glad to hear your dad made it ok. The garbled part of the reply the the mayday on guard at 05:00 was Great Yarmouth (town on the east coast)


  2. This is great…. I’m so amazed at how calm they remained. I was on the edge my seat listening. Thank you for sharing. I am grateful to your father and the other men for their service.

  3. HI Steve, Great job on the tape. I was also happy to see a photo I had not seen before of my late husband, Bill Bright
    at 23.31 in the tape. Thanks for sharing!

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