Cool GoPro video brings you onboard “Kubinka Diamond” display team’s Su-27, Mig-29 fighter jets

The following video was filmed with a GoPro HD Hero2 camera installed on the tail of a Mig-29 and inside the cockpit of a Su-27 of the so-called “Kubinka Diamond”, the Russian Air Force display team made by five Flankers of the “Russian Knights” and four Fulcrums of the «Strizhi» (Swifts).

Both aerobatic teams are based at Kubinka airbase, near Moscow.

According to the author of the video, Artur Sarkisyan, the camera filmed the aerobatic maneuvers sustained g-forces up to 6 g at a speed of 1,000 km/h.


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  1. That video makes me appreciate the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds more. Who knows what the extenuating circumstances are (winds, etc.), but that formation flying seemed pretty sloppy compared to the top-tier demonstration teams.

    • I got the same conclusion when I saw the Swifts at Oulunsalo in 1997. Mainly from how they “fire-bombed” the runway during the display… Actually it was “just” dropping flares at too low altitude during a high speed pass, they kept burning all the way to the ground and started a small brushfire. It was quickly put out by the airport fire department of course.

    • There are three reasons why it is incorrect to compare that particular Strizhi+Russkie Vityazi performance with Blue Angels and Thunderbolts performances. First is the Kubinka’s Diamond formation performs via 2 extrimely(!) different types of fighter jets. Su-27(Vityazi) is noticeably more heavier and bigger fighter jet in compare with Mig-29(Strizhi) and has sophisticated electronical stability system. Second is the Blue Angel’s and Thunderbolt’s only occupation is show perfomances. Russian pilots are the military instructors. It is their job. Show perfomances is additional(moreover it is not a second one) occupation for them. And third reason is the common financial problems.

    • It is for training. When students perform instrument landing that curtain used to prevent visual contact with the ground. Test officer seats behind the student in second cockpit.

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