Cockpit view: F/A-18F Super Hornet Refuels from another Super Hornet

Jun 10 2012 - 6 Comments

This video provides a different point of view: this is what refueling your F/A-18F Super Hornet from another “Rhino” (as the SH is dubbed in the naval aviation “slang”) looks like.

The buddy refueler in the video is an F/A-18E in a “five wet” configuration, that is to say it carries five external fuel tanks.

Notice how many corrections are required to eventually plug the probe into the basket.

  • Bill G.

    That’s interesting to watch. I’ll bet the pilot made it look a lot easier than it really is.

  • FNG

    The use of the Super Hornet as a tanker is a bit silly considering the aircraft itself has a relatively limited range and endurance…

    Frankly, retiring the KA-6 and then the S-3 tankers in favor of the tanker-configured Super Hornet wasnt the Navy’s brightest idea. I think the consolidation of the US Naval Aviation went a bit too far…

  • sep

    Nice stick/rudder work by that Hornet driver.

  • William Murphy

    That is one of the reasons why the boom refueling system is superior.