Stealth Black Hawks! But it's only another Hangar Foam Party.

May 18 2012 - 3 Comments

After publishing the articles about Eglin Air Force Base, Charleston AFB and Portland ANGB with images showing several hangars filled with foam after fire suppression systems accidentally went off at various U.S. bases, a reader of my blog sent me the following photographs.

Thet show the hangar floor and eight helicopters covered with 7 feet of foam at the Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF #2) at the St. Cloud airport. Barely visible (hence “stealthy”…) below the foam are UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters most probably belonging to the local based C Company, 2nd General Support Aviation Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment (Air Ambulance), a Minnesota Army National Guard aeromedical evacuation company.

Although the following images prove that the problem is not only with the hangars at USAF bases, once again it looks a bit weird how frequent this kind of incident is within the U.S. armed forces.

Noteworthy, the doors of the helicopters are open: maybe it’s better to keep them closed, in order to prevent the foam from damaging the aircraft instruments.

Image credit: Minnesota National Guard

  • Bill G.

    You’d think that fighter maintainers would be tired of replacing EVERY explosive device in the cockpit, pulling the ejection seat, remove/replace a lot of components, and having to do an extensive inspection. And everything electronic that comes in contact with firefighting foam has to be removed, cleaned, bench-tested, and re-installed if good. But no, they keep going home and leaving the canopies up.

  • Bao Pham

    Looks like fun cleaning all that up.

  • Dave

    Maybe the Iranians hacked into the fire suppression system!