Foam party! Hangar fire suppression system submerges F-15, F-16 and A-10 in foam at Eglin Air Force Base

May 14 2012 - 9 Comments

According to “youmustvotenato”, the user who posted it to Reddit, the following picture was taken after the fire suppression system base went off because of a spark from a welder set.

Clearly visible in the image an F-15 belonging to the 85th TES (Test and Evaluation Squadron), an F-16 of the 40 FLTS (Flight Test Squadron), and an A-10 (most probably belonging too to the 46th Test Wing): based on the the tail codes, the hangar must have been one used by the 46th TW at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

Image credit: via youmustvotenato / Reddit

The foam generators suspended from the ceiling released suppressant similar to soap that submerged the planes in the hangar. It takes two minutes to fill a 90,000 square-foot hangar with more than three feet of  two percent high-expansion biodegradable foam.

Here’s a video showing how fire suppression systems work.

Thanks to @Menzo2003 for the heads-up

  • Nicky

    So who’s providing the drinks and girls at this foam party

    • Dave

      The Secret Service!

  • Zaphod58

    Something like this happened with a C-135 VIP transport at Hickam AFB many years ago. They put it into the fuel cell hangar, and left the cockpit windows open. It rained that night, the roof leaked, and the fire suppression system went off. They found the cockpit filled with halon.

    • Thank you.
      Quite surprisingly, this kind of incidents are more frequent than one might expect: I’ve just received a picture of a C-17 surrounded (not submerged because of the size) by foam at Charleston AFB. Maybe I’ll upload it later today.

  • Yup, that’s the fuel systems maintenance hangar at Eglin. Don’t even want a hint of fire in that place.

  • Here’s the Charleston AFB episode:

  • BingoMustang

    We had same kind of accident at our company about 2 years ago.. The foam that we use is not good for aircraft (it makes corrosion to the fuselage i think). Luckily we towed the aircraft away before it was covered fully…

  • RevanAC

    when i saw the A-10 poking out of the foam in the back all i could think of was this


    A spark from a welder’s set—inside of a hangar—yeah right!