Quadrotor killer drone with machine gun and self-destruct module: a deadly weapon of the future

Apr 24 2012 - 8 Comments

First of all let’s have a look at the following increble video.

It shows a mini quadrotor drone carrying a machine gun in order to bring remote-controlled death from above. The prototype drone, performs a short-range reconnaissance, neutralizes some unarmed suspects as well as a group of bad guys playing cards, before entering inside a vehicle initiating a self-destruction sequence to destroy it.


Even if the whole video is fake (at least according to some experts who have “inspected” the footage, and to Russia Today, that has published an article on the subject), the quite famous author who uses his nickname “FPS Russia” to show how to use various kinds of arms, believes that a deadly gun attached to a sort of remote-controlled toy is the low-cost weapon of the future.

Indeed, it will be an extremely dangerous killing device for soldiers. And ill-intentioned willing to shoot someone.