"The Eurofighter Typhoon will be the Indian Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft" Pakistani blog says. RUMINT, HUMINT or speculation?

Although an Indian Air Force spokeperson has quickly denied the news, according to a Pakistani blog “Grande Strategy”, Eurofighter has won the Indian MMRCA tender, worth 10-15 billion USD for +126 combat planes.

“Grande Strategy sources are suggesting that the Eurofighter Typhoon may in fact be the winner of the long delayed Indian Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition” the article says.

Even if the Typhoon will likely be the next addition to the Indian Air Force’s already varied fleet (made of Mirage 2000s, Mig-29s, Sukhoi Su-30MKIs, some obsolete Mig-21s, Mig-27s and Jaguars) it’s worth of note that a Pakistani think tank “providing strategy and analysis from an Islamic perspective” has given the news earlier than the India media, that reported opposite speculations last year.

Considered the current status of the Indo-Pakistani relations, it’s somehow strange that a think tank “on the enemy side” was able to get such tip from sources among decision makers that have been comparing the MMRCA bids. Maybe, information was gathered through Human Intelligence (HUMINT) or Rumor Intelligence (RUMINT).

Unless the news was purposely leaked or it is only speculation.

Eurofighter didn’t confirm nor deny the news.


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