Stealth Black Hawk down: revised sketch

May 05 2011 - 44 Comments

Here’s the new version of the famous Black Helo which crashed during the Osama Bin Laden raid.  I’ve studied the details that surfaced in the last few hours and after reviewing the many feedbacks I’ve received (with suggestions, speculations, etc) Ugo Crisponi of Aviation Graphic has created another (more realistic) version of the helicopter. Thanks to all those who left comments to the yesterday’s article.

  • just my 2 cents

    Very cool rendition. Great work! It looks like a 2011 Porsche 911 compared to a 1985 Chrysler K-car

  • Great illustration and really interesting – read about you also in Tech News Daily! I really like to keep up with you – it’s not such an easy job!! Kudos to you, David. Your tri-color Rome photo is still up on my ROME pages at

  • Mike N

    I think here is part on noise reduction think.

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  • LB 1959

    The illustration of your artist has achieved a global spread.
    A great outcome for an Italian blog.
    Congratulations, David!

  • Chen Jinnan

    I was looking at the photographs from the crash site in Pakistan and it is very easy to form a wrong impression from those snap-shots but I have a hunch that it was not one helicopter which crashed but two, possibly a Black Hawk equivalent and a smaller gunship.

  • Chen Jinnan

    My feeling is that bin-Laden is dead but that he has been dead for several years and the US military knows that and they were not going after bin-Laden, they were going after a nuke and the mission got in to difficulties and killing bin-Laden is a cover story.

    • Taylor Jones

      That’s the problem with theories…everybody has them.

      I think the general facts of the operation in Abbottabad are pretty well-known.

      I love watching the Chinese and Russian propaganda teams scrambling to spread really silly disinformation, and to try to portray the successful operation – one much more complex than anything either of their special forces operators have performed – as a failure.

      The pathos.

  • EthanPDX

    I read somewhere that these helos might be based in NV. I ran across an interesting new airfield west of Groom Lake while poking around on Google Earth. The valley to the west is home to the National Test Site. Following the “Mercury Highway” south from all the pockmarks from bomb tests, you pass a small dry lakebed. The new airfield is just to the east of the road after the lake bed. I thought at the time it might be a UAV test site . . . but it would be a good size for a handful of choppers, and features a runway, so perhaps that would facilitate airlift (runways seems small, but C-17’s could presumably use it). Check out the weird crescent-shaped hanger door on the main building.

  • Here’s the last version of the rendering:

    by Jim Keith

    This book uses the black helicopter phenomenon as a launch pad to explain the possible use of military force against U.S. citizens. The book definitely has a very “1990s” feel to it, alleging that the stage is set for a “new world order” totalitarian state. However you do not have to subscribe to the NWO theory in order to find the information here disturbing.

    I’ll be upfront: there is a lot of stuff in this book that I think is quite silly. For example, on page 54 Jim states that he believes that staged UFO abductions are a pet project of U.S. intelligence. Chapter 12 is entirely devoted to the idea that stickers on the back of road signs are coded instructions to foreign soldiers. Many of the photos are from “The Spotlight”, the magazine of the infamous occult-populist Liberty Lobby organization run by Willis Carto.

    Nevertheless, Jim Keith was a thorough researcher, and compiled quite a bit of useful information into this volume. There are three timelines in the book, each of which simply lists incidents related to a specific theme:

    -The black chopper chronology (chapter 1) lists first-hand accounts of the helicopters taking place from May 1994 to June 1997.

    -Police state chronology (chapter 8) shows how a number of agencies began accumulating more power for use over domestic citizens. Activities are not limited to search and seizure without warrant and soviet-style surveillance techniques. Groups in question include the BATF, Bureau of Land Management, DEA, Delta Force, FBI and FEMA as well as various state troops and local police departments.

    -Invasion chronology (chapter 10) lists the use of U.S. money and troops for international tasks and also the presence of foreign national and U.N. troops on U.S. soil.

    There is also some useful information on the origins of FEMA and largely forgotten programs such as REX84. In the event of a disaster, there are measures in place to minimize chaos that include relocation camps and the suspension of civil liberties. The concern is that these measures could be implemented at will by the executive branch. These are called “continuity of government” programs. If continuity of government and FEMA protocols interest you, I would also recommend the book ‘Inside the Shadow Government’ by Harry Helms.

    This book contains some excellent material but will probably be ignored due to some of the weirder claims. Since it’s publication, however, the federal government has accrued more spying power and is even less accountable. The problem isn’t only federal: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Mayor Ray Nagin placed New Orleans under martial law and Police Chief Edwin Compass III began confiscating firearms. This goes to show that it does not take an internationalist power grab to deprive citizens of their constitutional rights in the U.S. of A.

  • Very cool rendition. Would love to see the real thing.

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  • jeremy

    Looking at the exterior design, I’d say the chassis is used to deflect radar waves.

  • requiser

    i dont know how helicopters work, but the back rotor seems smaller then normal blackhawk version.. doesnt that mean the main big rotor needs to be smaller aswell, hence the stealhy helicopter is smaller and not a blackhawk helicopter at all???

  • BenJamN

    Looks too much like Comanche-derived stuff in your mockup. The tail boom I’ve seen looks like the love child of a Blackhawk and an F-117. Cruder, old-style LO.

  • tjp77

    The doors wouldn’t be a perfect rectangle. There would be some faceting and odd angles to it.

  • lolcats123

    The Chinese were very interested in the crash and especially interested by the radar absorbing paint. Is this how they made the j-20 and j-31?