Exclusive: Black Helo down – serial number found on a piece of the broken helicopter

May 04 2011 - 55 Comments

After publishing my yesterday’s article about The mysterious helicopter involved in the Osama Bin Laden raid, I’ve been receiving feedbacks by many enthusiasts, experts, analysts, journalists, etc. Among them, the most interesting one came from Adam Roberts of the Economist who left me the following interesting comment:

Hello, I’m a British journalist and was at Bin Laden’s compound yesterday. I picked up a bit of the broken helicopter from a field by the house. By chance it had a serial number on it. No idea if it’s of any use / interest to you, but here goes:
SCFV12A107-3 next line: REV – next line: 6-25-09 (a date maybe?)

Here’s a picture of the piece Adam sent me:

Something new to investigate.

In the meanwhile, I’ve asked Ugo Crisponi of Aviationgraphic.com to draw a sketch of how the Black Helo could look like basing on the few available details seen on pictures (it must be refined, some details probably missing, but it’s quite interesting):