Stealth Black Hawk down: revised sketch

Here’s the new version of the famous Black Helo which crashed during the Osama Bin Laden raid.  I’ve studied the details that surfaced in the last few hours and after reviewing the many feedbacks I’ve received (with suggestions, speculations, etc) Ugo Crisponi of Aviation Graphic has created another (more realistic) version of the helicopter. Thanks to all those who left comments to the yesterday’s article.

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  1. Looks too much like Comanche-derived stuff in your mockup. The tail boom I’ve seen looks like the love child of a Blackhawk and an F-117. Cruder, old-style LO.

  2. The doors wouldn’t be a perfect rectangle. There would be some faceting and odd angles to it.

  3. The Chinese were very interested in the crash and especially interested by the radar absorbing paint. Is this how they made the j-20 and j-31?

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