"Italian Starfighters": how to buy the ultimate F-104 book

Mar 10 2010 - 15 Comments

Hardcover: 216 pages; Glossy Paper (gr. 170); Four-colour printing; Case bound cover 2 mm., with a glossy jacket (gr. 130): Italian Starfighters is a must-have book for the F-104 and aviation enthusiast. The elegant book represents an exceptional collection of the most rare and stunning images of 42 years of service in Italy and recalls the history of one of the most famous, loved and controversial aircraft of the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force). The book, in Italian and English text, will contain a description of the career of the aircraft in Italy (with many previously unveiled details), images taken by the author, by world famous photographer Tokunaga, by the Troupe Azzurra and by many Italian pilots, and also the exclusive never released air-to-air images of the very last flight of an Italian F-104, taken on July 27, 2005!

You have now the possibility to order a signed copy from this site.

Europe and Mediterranean Basin (Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Marocco, Syria, Tunisia)

33 Euro (including registered shipping)

Rest of the world

55 Euro (including registered shipping)

You can pay the book plus shipping to your location using Paypal.

  • zip104

    Congratulations David with this excellent initiative !
    My mail with my order is on it’s way !

  • Rocco Z.

    You know I will get it soon. Starfighters forever. Forza Aeronautica!

  • Patrick Janssen (zip104)


    It was worth waiting the ‘extra’ time for this magnificent book !!!
    A very worthy companion to “Storia di un mita” !
    Very good pictures and also nice examples of AMI flightgear used on the Spilllone.
    I also very much liked the way the different Gruppi are represented, along with the various patches !!!

  • Neil Penny

    It took a while to arrive, but it was well worth the wait. Absolutely superb book, congratulations on a job well done mate.

  • stephane


    • Dear Stephane,
      si, il libro è ancora disponibile per la vendita (yes, the book is still available).

  • Bob Irwin

    Ciao David! Is the book still available???

    • Hi Bob,
      yes, it still available!

      • Bob Irwin

        Shit HOT! Thanks!!

  • Roger “Kicker” Seroo

    Hi David, could you tell me if your book still is available? Like you, I have also 1 flighthour in the Starfighter and was untill recently proud owner of Fokker’s first F-104 Starfighter, 8001/KG-101. I hope you can help me out…
    Starfighters Rule! ! !


  • Felipe Bustamante

    Hi David
    is your book still available

  • Robyn

    Hi David, Is your book still available ? I would like to purchase it for my boyfriend for Christmas. He was a F-104 Starfighter pilot with the 36° Stormo based at Gioia del Colle, 156° Gruppo CB in the 1970’s to early 1980’s. You can contact me at robynr10@gmail.com. Thank you. Robyn

  • Testi Colm

    Congratulations David! Bravissimo!