AB.212 emergency landing

According to a brief news published by the ecodicaserta.it website, on Jul 17, an AB.212 of the 9° Stormo of the Aeronautica Militare, performed an emergency landing near Mondragone after experiencing an engine fire. The aircraft, belonging to the 21° Gruppo, landed in a field and the crew escaped safely. No damages to the helicopter have been reported.

Even if it is not clear if the aircraft was an AB212AMI-SAR or one of the 5 AB.212ICO (Implementazione Capacità Operative) of the squadron, as 3 of them are currently deployed in Afghanistan to support the Italian contingent within the Kabul AOR (Area Of Responsibility) performing recce, transportation, MEDEVAC and CASEVAC missions, it is possible that the chopper involved is the AB.212ICO MM81375 “Special Colour” that was not deployed to Kabul. The helicopter, wearing tiger markings, took part to the last Tiger Meet in Landivisiau at the end of June and was recently spotted near Pratica di Mare.

Here are some pictures of the AB212 operated by the 21° Gruppo.

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  1. Hi Cencio,

    Yesterday afternoon 15:30lt i saw 2 helos 212 of 21st Gruppo (1 with Isaf logo on the front doors) on departure from the Grosseto AB southbound.

    Can u check the time of accident please?

    Thank u and I’m happy to know that no one was injured.


  2. Cencio as photos attached i think that in Italy now we have 3 ab212ico and in Afghanistan 3 ab212ico.

    So at the moment the nbr of ICO is 6.

    It’s a my opinion.


  3. Since the two pictures of the MM81160 and 81148 were taken on Jul 17 I think that you are right: 3 ICO deployed and 3 at Grazzanise. A part of the remaining AMI-SAR will be converted to the ICO standard and since in May the ICOs were still 5, probably you took a picture of one of the chopper recently converted.

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