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All Italian Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon units simultaneously deployed to Decimomannu

Mar 20 2013

Eurofighter Typhoons, belonging to the 4°, 36° and 37° Stormo (Wing), the Italian Air Force units equipped with the European fighter jet recently deployed to Decimomannu to undertake air-to-air combat training.

The Typhoon currently equips the 9° Gruppo (Squadron) and 20° ...

First Eurofighter Typhoon jets in new unit markings at Trapani

Oct 29 2012

The following pictures were taken by Michele Carrara at Trapani airbase, where the local based 18° Gruppo (Squadron) of the 37° Stormo (Wing) has recently been officially delivered the first Eurofighter Typhoon jets.

The image prove that the fifth Italian squadron ...

New Eurofighter Typhoon Squadron activated at Trapani airbase, Italy

Oct 15 2012

Although it has not (officially) received its first plane yet, the 18° Gruppo (Squadron) of the 37° Stormo (Wing) at Trapani airbase, in Sicily, is the more recent Italian Air Force unit to operate the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Last Squadron to operate ...

Special feature: the most interesting pictures of the aircraft involved in Libya air war

Oct 31 2011

On Oct. 31, at 23.59 Libyan Time, exactly 7 months after it began, NATO Operation Unified Protector has come to an end. Since the beginning of the Uprising and especially from Mar. 19, the Day 1 of the war (then ...

Operation Unified Protector (was Odyssey Dawn) explained: Final Report

Oct 26 2011

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As I’m writing the final chapter of my series ...