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Watch this: Typhoon fighter jet buzzes photographer’s heads on landing

Everyone knows Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten, the Caribbean island: essentially, planes on short final for landing pass on top of beach goers on Maho Beach, that is always floodeed with tourists and photographers.

If you look for images of aircraft landing at St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport online, you’ll literally find thousand close up photographs showing planes flying extremely low over bystanders at Maho Beach.

However such an exiting experience can also be lived near military airports.

Watch the video below.

It shows a Royal Air Force Typhoon flying a bit lower than usual during final approach at Waddington on the weekend of the 2013 airshow.

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Rare video shows F-22 Raptor shot down by the French Rafale in mock air-to-air combat

As already mentioned earlier on The Aviationist (especially when discussing the famous claims by the German Eurofighter Typhoon pilots at Red Flag Alaska 2012) in November 2009, some 1st Fighter Wing’s Raptors from Langley AFB, flew to Al Dhafra, in the UAE, to train with the French Air Force Rafales and the RAF Typhoons during exercise ATLC 2009.

The episode is quite famous because in late December of the same year the French Ministry of Defense released the captures taken by the Rafale’s OSF (Optronique Secteur Frontal) showing an F-22 in aerial combat. In fact, although the U.S. Air Force pilots told that their plane was undefeated during the exercise, the French were killed once in six 1 vs 1 WVR (Within Visual Range) engagements versus the F-22 (the other 5 ended with a “draw”) and one Raptor was claimed as killed by a UAE Mirage 2000 during a mock engagement.

However, the following interesting video just made available by the French website http://portail-aviation.blogspot.fr proves that even the French scored at least a simulated kill (or, to say it better, were able to achieve a proper position to fire a “Fox 2”, an IR-guided Mica missile) against the Raptor.

HUD or sensors’ captures and videos are no more than marketing stuff because, unless the scenario and ROE are known, it is impossible to say when the alleged kill took place, what was happening before and after, which was the tactics.

Nevertheless, the video shows that the Rafale is almost comparable to the F-22 especially when maneuvering at low speed during close air combat.

By the way, when we talk about maneuverability, we can’t but mention the Su-35 Flanker-E and its stunning display at Le Bourget.

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These are the first images of the Italian Typhoons providing NATO air defense capability to Iceland

As explained on a previous post, on Jun. 11 (a day after it was originally planned), Italian Eurofighter with 4°, 36° and 37° Stormo (Wings)  deployed to Keflavik Airbase, Iceland to provide a NATO air defense capability to the Northern European country that does not operate autonomous airspace surveillance aircraft.

“Operation Icy Skies” includes maintenance and support personnel as well as air defence controllers from GRCDA (Air Surveillance Squadron), 21st and 22nd Radar Squadron, respectively, based in Poggio Renatico (Ferrara), Poggio Ballone (Grosseto)  e Licola (Naples), that provide reporting and control services and airspace surveillance services within the Iceland AOR (area of responsability).


The Italian involvement in Iceland’s air defense is a clear example of the new NATO strategic concept that encourages asset and cost sharing, as well as capability pooling.

Two KC-767A aerial tankers (MM62227 and MM62228) ferried the Italian Typhoons to Iceland on 11 June, in two flights; both departed the following day.

The following images were taken by Eggert Norðdahl at Keflavik, as the Typhoons (F-2000A according to the Italian Mission Design Series) performed the first orientation and dedicated training sorties required for the subsequent NATO validation of the Italian Air Force assets.

F-2000 ground

Image credit: Eggert Norðdahl

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Italy’s Typhoon fighter jets secure airspace of Iceland

On Jun. 10, six Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets of the Italian Air Force deployed to Iceland to provide air policing of the airspace around the northern European island.

Supported by two KC-767A aerial refuelers and a C-130J cargo plane, the Italian jets will provide QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) duties for the NATO from Keflavik airbase.

About 150 military deployed to Iceland within Operation Icelandic Air Policing 2013.

The Italian Air Force, that already provides air policing of Slovenia and Albania airspaces, will take over the control of the airspace in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in January-April 2015.

Image credit: The Aviationist/Alessandro Fucito

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We took part to an Air-to-Air Refueling mission on board a Boeing KC-767 during Ex. Star Vega

Star-Vega 2013 is the name of the largest Italian exercise scheduled in 2013.

Taking place between May 13 and 24, the Star-Vega is a joint ex. that sees the participation of all the Italian Air Force assets as well as units of the Navy, Army and a NATO E-3 AWACS from Geilenkirchen.

Star Vega 2013 - Volo Tanker 767 Pratica di Mare 11 (1024)

Five airbases are involved in the exercise: the Main Operating Bases of Decimomannu and Trapani, were the tactical planes are based; Pisa, from where the transport aircraft operate; Pratica di Mare, home of the tankers; and Amendola, the Italian UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) base.

Star Vega 2013 - Volo Tanker 767 Pratica di Mare 54 (1024)

The exercise’s scenario is based on the lessons learned during the most recent conflicts, and was designed to minimize the environmental (and financial) impact.

During the drills, The Aviationist was once again invited to take part to a refueling mission aboard one of the four KC-767A tankers of the 14° Stormo.

Star Vega 2013 - Volo Tanker 767 Pratica di Mare 16 (1024)

The KC-767 refueled several Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets belonging to the 4°, 36° and 37° Stormo, the three Wings of the Aeronautica Militare equipped with the European fighter plane.

Star Vega 2013 - Volo Tanker 767 Pratica di Mare 35 (1024)

The pictures, taken by The Aviationist’s contributor Alessandro Fucito, not only show the F-2000s plugging into the refueling basket of the Boeing tanker, but also the refueler’s remote vision system and the Typhoon pilots adveniristic helmet.

Star Vega 2013 - Volo Tanker 767 Pratica di Mare 72 (1024)

Star Vega 2013 - Volo Tanker 767 Pratica di Mare 50 (1024)

Image credit: The Aviationist / Alessandro Fucito

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