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Here Are The Highlights Of Malta International Airshow 2017

Once again, the traditional airshow brought several interesting visitors to Malta.

On Sept. 23 and 24, Malta hosted the yearly airshow over Smart City that gathered many interesting aircraft, including some exotic attendeeds, rarely seen at airshows around Europe.

Among them, one of the three Royal Canadian Air Force CF-188 Hornets of the 433 Squadron deployed to Solenzara airbase, Corse, to take part in Serpentex 2017 exercise alongside the RAF Tornado GR4s of the IX(B) Sqn deployed to Decimomannu, Sardinia (two of those took part in the static display at Malta Luqa airport).

Other interesting visitors were the “Turkish Stars” and accompanying A400M, the RAF Hawk T2, the “Saudi Hawks”, the German Navy P-3 and the Alpha Jet Solo Display.

In this post you can find some of the most interesting aircraft that took part in the airshow, photographed by aviation photographer Estelle Calleja.

A Turkish Air Force A400 supported the deployment to Malta of the NF-5 of the Turkish Stars display team.

The AlphaJet Solo Display was one of the highlights of the show. The French Air Force brought back the Alpha Jet Solo Display, it shut down in 2012.

The AW.139 helicopter and the King Air B200 of the Armed Forces of Malta Air Wing.

The Leonardo AW.139 of the Guardia di Finanza (Custom Police) was the only Italian participant this year.

The Royal Canadian Air Force took part in the airshow with one CF-188 Hornet of the 433 Squadron deployed to Solenzara for the Serpentex 2017 exercise.

One of the two RAF British Aerospace Hawk T2 ZK022 of 4(R)Sqn based at Valley.

A P-3C Cup Orion of the Marineflieger about to land in Malta Luqa airport.

A U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon from VP-16 took part in the airshow. The aircraft is deployed to Sigonella airbase, Sicily, Italy, from where it conducts missions over the Black Sea and off Syria.

The Hawk Mk65 of the Saudi Hawks, the aerobatic team of the Royal Saudi Air Force.

A Tornado GR4 from IX Sqn. The unit was temporarily deployed to Decimomannu, Italy, to take part in Serpentex 2017.

One of the NF-5A Freedom Fighters of the Turkish Air Force aerobatic team “Turkish Stars”.


Image credit: Estelle Calleja

China’s new military transport plane exposed. And it looks like a C-17, An-70, A400M hybrid.

Posted by Alert5 today, the following image shows the first photographs of China’s new four-engine military airlifter.

The large military transport aircraft is allegedly designed Y-20 and, nose aside, its shape is almost identical to that shown in a series of artist’s impressions that have appeared on Chinese media outlets.

Indeed, the aircraft depicted in the detailed renderings you can find in this post seems to be a turbojet clone of the Airbus A400M Atlas four-engine turboprop, whereas the one depicted on the ground in the new pictures features a nose section inspired by the Antonov An-70.

Actually, inputs from several other aircraft types, including the Boeing C-17, can be found in the Y-20. In July 2009, a former Boeing employee was convicted of selling secret C-17 technical details to China.

It looks like an AWACS version of the Y-20 is also being envisaged.






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Airbus A400M tactical airlifter to get Thales TopOwl Helmet Mounted Sight and Display

During the Farnborough Airshow 2012, Thales announced that its TopOwl Helmet Mounted Sight and Display (HMSD) has been selected by the Operation for Joint Armaments Cooperation to be flight tested on the Airbus A400M “Atlas”.

Scheduled between June 2012 and April 2013, the tests will have to validate the use of the HMSD by the military transport aircraft crew during night missions.

Image credit: Thales

TopOwl incorporates a night vision function: it provides the same levels of performance as the latest generation of night vision googles (NVG) with a significantly higher level of comfort for the wearer, enabling pilots to fly long missions in complete safety.

The TopOwl visor-projected intensified night vision image is a vast improvement over conventional night vision optics by providing far superior environmental perception along with excellent peripheral vision (something lacking in other systems).

TopOwl itself isn’t new, having already been combat proven in Afghanistan and Libya during night missions by attack helicopters, but it’s the first time the system is going to be used in a fixed wing aircraft.

Richard Clements for TheAviationist.com

Image credit: David Cenciotti

Video: Five next-generation A400M military airlifters flying in formation.

A unique formation, including all five of the programme’s flight test A400M next-generation airlifters, was flown by the Airbus Flight Test teams on Jun. 7, in Toulouse, France.

After the special formation flight, which did not include any particular maneuver or test, each aircraft returned to its individual activity: MSN1 performed handling quality evaluation; MSN2, wing pod hose stability tests; MSN3, engine tests; MSN4, pressurisation and oxygen tests; and MSN6, function and reliability tests.