Terrifying Video Filmed Aboard Atlas Air B767 During Emergency Following Engine Failure After Take Off From Honolulu

A screenshot from the video posted online by a passenger of the Atlas Air B767. (via ABC7 News)

The military chartered flight with 212 people on board performed an emergency landing after an in-flight engine shut down, shortly after departing from Honolulu.

On Sept. 5, 2020, an Atlas Air Boeing 767-300, N649GT, flying as GTI8585 from Honolulu to Guam suffered a right hand engine failure during the initial climb out of Honolulu International’s runway 08R. As a consequence of repeated compressor stalls/surges, the engine emitted bangs and streaks of flames, forcing the crew to declere an emergency.

The aircraft stopped its climb at 2,000 feet while flying a long downwing leg for 08R. Then it climbed to 3,000 feet and got vectors for an ILS approach to runway 08R at Honolulu, where the aircraft safely landed about 30 minutes after take off.

At the following link you get the audio of the radio comms between the Atlas Air 767 and Honolulu Tower:

A passenger aboard the aircraft filmed a pretty impressive video that flames flashing from outside the window during the emergency. You can also hear some loud bangs coming (most probably the sound of multiple compressor surges/stalls):

No injuries were reported on board the B767 that, as mentioned, was flying as a military charter to Guam. Atlas Air is the largest provider of commercial airlift in the wide-body cargo segment in the United States Air Mobility. The company’s B747s, 777s, 767s, and 737s can often be spotted at military airports all around the world as they provide essential airlift support to the U.S. military. Interestingly, “We’re also extremely proud of the fact that we train some of the Air Force’s most elite aircrews, including the pilots and flight engineers of the U.S. President’s Air Force One and the flight crew members assigned to the E-4B National Airborne Operations Center,” says Atlas Air’s official website.

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