Here Are The Photographs Of The Italian AMX Aircraft Returning Home From Kuwait Deployment

The Italian AMX ACOL jets fly over Istrana at the end of their return flight from Kuwait on Mar. 27, 2019.

The AMX A-11 “Ghibli” aircraft have been replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoons.

As already reported, four Italian Air Force F-2000A jets have replaced the AMX ACOL jets in the air war against Daesh in Iraq and Syria, with an official TOA (Transfer Of Authority) that took place at Ahmed Al Jaber airbase, Kuwait, on Mar. 26, 2019.

The AMX A-11 Ghibli jets belonging to the 132° Gruppo (Squadron) of the 51° Stormo (Wing) from Istrana, were deployed to Kuwait to support Operation Inherent Resolve as part of “Prima Parthica” (as the Italian operation is dubbed at national level) since Jun. 14, 2016. During their time “in theater” the Italian AMX jets have logged more than 6,000 FH, flying “tac recce” support by using Rafael Reccelite tactical reconnaissance pods to provide precise, high-definition imagery to coalition leaders. This imagery (currently gathered by the Typhoons that carry the same pod) provides coalition forces a full picture when planning and executing missions and launching strikes in the Middle East.

During their deployment to the Middle East, the Italian A-11 Ghibli jets have logged more than 6,000 FH.

On Mar. 27, 2019, the day after the TOA in Kuwait, supported by a KC-767 tanker with the 14° Stormo from Pratica di Mare, the four AMX jets deployed to Ahmed Al Jaber airbase returned to their homebase at Istrana, near Treviso, in northeastern Italy.

Interestingly, one of the AMX pilots is a U.S. Air Force exchange pilot, as the image below shows:

One of the AMX pilots is an Air Force airman. You can see the American flag on his left shoulder as well as a folded U.S. flag in the cockpit.


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