NATO Tiger Meet begins in Poznan – Arrivals Last Weekend

Last weekend we spent some time shooting the arrivals for the NATO Tiger Meet exercise that is taking place at the Krzesiny airbase in Poznan.

NTM 18, involving 70 jets, 10 helicopters and the AWACS platform, is underway in Poland until May 25. Twenty two squadrons hailing from 13 countries declared their will to participate in this operation, which is the largest of the Polish Air Force-hosted training initiatives this year.

Full list of squadrons can be found below (via the official NTM18 media channel):

The list of units attending NTM18.

The list has changed now, since the German A-4 Skyhawks have cancelled their deployment to Poznan.

From a Polish perspective, the event is one of the most interesting this year: not only does it involve the Polish Air Force, but also the Polish military as a whole. The training operation in Krzesiny has been coordinated and brought together with the Poznan Air Show event held at the Ławica international airport. 6th Fighter Squadron based in Krzesiny has been a member of the NATO Tiger Association since the year 2011, with its F-16 fighter aircraft.

Expect more NTM18 coverage from The Aviationist during the upcoming days.

Images: Jacek Siminski

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