Norway’s First Three F-35 Jets Have Just Landed At Orland Air Force Station

The first three 5th Generation stealth aircraft have arrived in Norway.

On Nov. 3, at about 15.57 local time, the first three F-35A jets (AM-8, AM-9 and AM-10) destined to the RNoAF (Royal Norwegian Air Force) and delivered directly to Norway have landed at Ørland Air Force Station, in central Norway.

Norway plans to procure up to 52 F-35A, at an estimated cost of about NOK 70 billion (+7.3B USD), including weapons and support, to replace its fleet of ageing F-16s, that will be replaced in 2021. The first two aircraft were delivered in 2015 followed by another two in 2016 and three more ones earlier in 2017, but these aircraft were based at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, where they are used for Norwegian and partner country pilot training.

The first three RNoAF F-35s on the ground at Orland Air Force Station, Norway. (RNoAF)

The landing of the three F-35 at their new homebase at Ørland Air Force Station marks the first direct delivery from Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth facility to Norway, where all the remaining planes will be delivered, at a rate of six new jets per year from 2018 onward.

The arrival will be officially celebrated on Nov. 10, 2017, on the day of the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s 73rd anniversary.

Top image credit: Lockheed Martin


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  1. I’ve read that Norway won’t need that specialized parachute rig that was gonna be used to slow the F-35 down on icy runways. Interesting, and they’re getting them just-in-time considering aggressive Russian air incursions.

    I can’t wait ’till a Royal Norwegian Air Force JSF sneaks up on a Bear or MiG-31, MiG-27, other junk (especially that ugly P-3 copy the Russians fly. The IL-38) and scare the sh … politely and professionally tell them they better go home. Just like an F-22 did to that dilapidated, barely-still-flying Iranian F-4 in the Persian Gulf.

  2. Those Norwegian F-16s should be SLEP’d, updated with modern electronics like the NG APG-83 SABR AESA RADAR, and sold to less affluent NATO nations that need them. Romania? Czech Republic? Hungary? F-16 is still a potent fighter, and what better way to scare off The Bear then to run up on him in a practically new F-16? I would put the Viper up against anything Russia flies. Especially if they were outfitted with Meteor.

    • The Bear is not scared. The Bear will also not be the one who will attack. But come to his den with bad intentions and you get a bloody nose. Like Napoleon and Hitler.

      You should watch Putin’s Valdai speech to get a clear image of what is thought in Russia about the global situation.

      It has English subtitles.

        • I wrote Russia will not attack. You’re still acting as if there will be a war. So NATO is going to be the aggressor? Tells a lot about you and how you value human lives and international law.

          And who is “you”? I’m not Russian. I just prefer a more realistic view on things. Since WW2 the U.S., and since the end of the 90s also NATO were too often the aggressors in the geopolitical game. It is not my problem if you can’t see that or just deny that. You think NATO can win a conventional war? Their own plans include the use of nuclear weapons. 1986s NATO maneuver WINTEX included a simulated drop of nuclear bombs on the East German cities Dresden and Potsdam (by NATO). The civilians they always pretend to care about so much (as well as human rights) didn’t matter. The use of nukes on German cities, even if only simulated was reason enough for Helmut Kohl, the chancellor, to withdraw all German troops from the maneuver. Where do you think will that lead if it happens in reality? Europe will be a wasteland when all is over. There will be no winners. Maybe America will get a “fair share”, too?

    • They are nearing the lifetime hours of the airframe and by 2021 they will certainly just be scrapped / put in a museum ..

    • In Greece’s media “travels” the information that block 30 HAF f-16s that will not face the Viper modernization will be sold to Kroatia or Bulgaria or Romania also

  3. Awesome. Can’t wait to see photos of these jets flying over Norway’s beautiful scenery.

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