Watch Russian warships launch cruise missiles against targets in Syria from the Caspian Sea

Impressive footage shows Russian ships launch cruise missiles against ISIS targets from the Caspian Sea.

Early in the morning on Oct. 7, Russia warships belonging to the Russian Navy’s Caspian Sea Strike Group launched 26 cruise missiles against Islamic State targets located in Syria.

The missile used to conduct the attack is the 3M14TE Kalibr-NK with a maximum range of 2,600 km, fired by a strike group consisting of the Dagestan missile ship, the small-sized missile ships Grad Sviyazhsk, Uglich, Veliky Ustyug.

According to the Russia’s MoD, the cruise missiles “engaged all the assigned targets successfully and with high accuracy.”

As the animation included in the released video shows, the cruise missiles overflew Iran and Iraq before reaching their targets at low level.

The following footage shows the warships launching the Kalibr-NKs, proving Russia is able to conduct a US-like cruise missiles attack on a range of 1,000 km.

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  1. Lame…..those ships would be target practice for Western forces.

    Just like how all Russian garbage inevitably ends up being…

    • With your comments, you seem to think US is high above all, whatever they do is right (for your interest). I just let you know that we (outside of US) are human beings too, have brain and have our own interests to take care.

  2. First i did not believe it: But later i remembered, that the soviet union hat 2500km+ nuclear tipped cruise missiles in the late 80ies. But they were heavy and not so accurate and reliable. Those “Sizzler” Kalibr-NK are the evolution of a soviet design. Video from overflight in northern Iraq (Kurdistan):

  3. I wonder how hard it would be to hack into the guidance system of these missiles.

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