Don’t worry, the Poles have recovered their drone lost during artillery drills

The Polish soldiers have recovered the lost drone.

The Flyeye mini-UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) lost on May 7, near Torun, was eventually found about 25 km southwest of the artillery range where it was operating, in quite good condition.

Even though the drone manufacturer WB Electronics had stopped the recovery operation, the soldiers still had an area to go through today. Exactly where they found it on May 10 at around 15.00 LT.

The cause for the incident is clear, according to one of the officers working at the General Commands of the Armed Forces, Lt. Col Artur Goławski: it was a technical problem that made the drone unresponsive to the operator’s inputs.

The detailed report is to be prepared later, but it has already emerged that the instruction manual of the drone is to be modified with measures that would help avoiding similar events in the future.

WB Electronics stopped the search operation due to the financial reasons – the costs were higher than the Flyeye’s price tag (25,000 Euro). It was stressed by the manufacturer, that the drone contained no sensitive information.

Jacek Siminski for TheAviationist

Image Credit: WB Electronics

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