Video shows what is it like being on the receiving end of a Mig-29 Fulcrum’s gun

If you see a Mig-29 Fulcrum maneuvering towards you at low altitude, you better run away.

Filmed somewhere is Syria by someone who probably survived the attack, the following footage shows a Syrian Arab Air Force Mig-29 Fulcrum perform a strafing pass on rebel positions, as seen from the target’s point of view.

Since October 2013, Assad’s Fulcrums have become increasingly active against Free Syrian Army forces.


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  1. First you see the flash, then you hear the shells hitting, then the sound of the shots fired. Amazing footage.

    • It seems that war improved the Syrian Air Force readiness, while many predicted it was going to be nullified soon after the start of operations.

      Now that they were able to put those MiG-25’s in the air again, I think all their types are confirmed back in action and I think that L-39’s are back to their trainer role, since I didn’t see them in action since the end of 2013, when the other types were coming back to service.

      • Not really all that surprising considering how invested Russia is in keeping Assad afloat. I’m surethe Russians have supplied significant maintenance and spare parts support to the SYAF since the start of the conflict.

      • The lack of reports of L-39s probably indicates that they’re worn out and that replacement parts are unavailable due to the embargo. (They’re Czech.) The Russians are actively supporting the regime, including repairing and upgrading warbirds. I wouldn’t be surprised if Syrian pilots were training in Russia on Russian aircraft.

    • You realize they have similar cannons, right? I think the main difference for me is that the A-10 could attack multiple times and probably be more accurate.

      • Actually the MiG’s cannon is single barrel, has a lower muzzle velocity, and has a lower rate of fire. But I got this info from wikipedia, I don’t know how accurate it is.

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