[Photo] Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 Flanker heavily armed for Combat Air Patrol

First image of Su-27 Flanker fighter jet “armed to the teeth” to perform Combat Air Patrol following the Russian invasion of Crimea.

An interesting image, showing a fully armed Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 has been published on Russianplanes.net.

Taken, on Mar. 1 by Andrey Rakul, at an undisclosed location (possibly, Mirgorod Air Base, the airbase hosting the only Ukrainian Air Force Flanker Squadron), it shows Su-27 “45 Blue” armed with 6 Vympel R-27 missiles (NATO reporting name AA-10 Alamo-C) semi-active-radar homing extended-range air-to-air missiles and 4 Vympel R-73 (AA-11 Archer), a configuration adopted for Combat Air Patrols (CAPs) established by Kiev after the Russian invasion of Crimea.

Image credit: Andrey Rakul

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  1. MIRGOROD AIR BASE in july 2011 hosted a joint exercise and training with Polish, Alabama National Guard and Ukraine squadrons in which pilots had also the opportunity to fly on the different planes. This looked like a pre-wedding date to join Nato:

    “During SAFE SKIES 2011, a joint US, Ukraine and Polish event where Air National Guard pilots fly engagements with Ukrainian SU-27, Mig-29s and Polish F-16s on air sovereignty operations in preparation for the 2012 Olympics and 2012 EUROCup and 2014 Winter Games in Europe. Many U.S. and Ukrainian pilots have the opportunity to fly in the other countries aircraft. This unique program allows pilots to further their integration training through hands-on experience. It also helps them understand the different techniques used during an intercept mission based on the capabilities of the aircraft.”



  2. Yea armend to the teeth but dought they will do anything about it unless they want to be anhialated by Russia.Hopefully putin will have total control of the situation and no shots fired.Its sad when a couple of NAZIS (backed by the obama camp) take over and think they can play hard ball in russia’s back yard.This isnt the arab spring and ukrainians are delusional if they think they can stand up to russia.And by ukrainians i mean the western backed apes.

    • LMAO! WTF are you talking about? You seem to have your civil wars and mixed up there, Chief.

        • So the hundreds of thousands of pro EU Ukrainians taking to the streets last week were “western backed apes”?

          Wait, can you explain to me who the “NAZIS” are in this little insane RT fueled scenario you’ve drummed up in your head?

          • guess all the flags and nazi emblems mean nothing to you.Dude you watch too much CNN and NBC propaganda.

            • Really? Those hundreds of thousands of people in the streets were wearing Nazi emblems and carrying Nazi flags?

              It’s probably time to turn off RT. You *do* realize that RT is a state mouthpiece – and is mocked throughout the world, don’t you?

              • oh and the CNN NBC FOX is the real deal lol get a grip and open your eyes its people like you who vote fools for office

    • Nazis?
      Putin is using the very same excuse that Hitler used to invade Czechoslovakia.

      • If you read up on russian history you will see that cremaia was russian.Most people that live there are RUSSIAN.Putin has every right to be there.If you watch the news and i mean other news not CNN or american propaganda news you will see pro-russian scuffles with neo nazi apes.

        • So I guess it was the “neo nazi apes” shooting the unarmed Ukrainians hiding behind sheet metal shields? And then shooting the medic who was tending to the wounded?

          Let me guess – 9/11 was an inside job too, right?

        • “If you read up on russian history you will see that cremaia was
          russian.Most people that live there are RUSSIAN.Putin has every right to
          be there.”

          Are you 12 years old? Russia has a right to invade Crimea, because it used to be part of Russia? No grown adult could be ignorant enough to say something that dumb, so that’s why I’m guessing 12 years old.

          Alaska used to be part of Russia too. Does that mean Putin has every right to invade Russia?

        • If you read up on history, you’ll see Khrushchev LEGALLY signed the Crimea back to the Ukraine.

          Putin has NO right to be there.

          If you stopped guzzling the RT nonsense, you’d see the facts.

  3. I’d make a “TOP GUN” reference but some sore LOSERS might not like it!! LOL…..LOSERS!!!

  4. Well this is a big concern because Russia could Easylt use the SU-35,Mig 35 and even the PAK FA to invade Ukraine

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