Israeli Air Force flies mock air raids over Lebanon in response to the mysterious UAV violation of Israeli airspace

In response to the mysterious UAV incursion into Israeli air space on Oct. 6, Haaretz has reported that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has flown several mock air raids over Lebanese villages on Oct. 8.

Haaretz has gone on to speculate who was responsible for the UAV and their motives. Hezbollah is thought to have been motivated by Iran and the UAV was thought to have been gathering intelligence on Israel’s secretive nuclear reactor near the town of Dimona.

A number of foreign (to Israel) experts believe this is where Israel stores its nuclear weapons, something the Israelis neither confirm or deny. however, this does pose an interesting question: was the UAV gathering targets for a possible Iranian counter attack or was it simply showing a capability?

Although the IDF is still investigating the UAV incident, Debka has reported that the incursion involved a (never seen before?) Iranian UAV helicopter whose aim was to show Hezbollah capability to launch long range surprise strikes deep inside the well guarded Israeli airspace.

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Image credit: IAF