Ten Minnesota Air National Guard F-16s (including a "Viper" with a new paint scheme) enroute to Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Aug 12 2012 - 1 Comment

On Aug. 12, ten Minnesota Air National Guard F-16CJs belonging to the 148th FW “Bulldogs” from Duluth International Airport arrived in Morón, Spain.

The two flights, respectively using the radio callsigns “Cube 21-26” and “Cube 31-36”, are enroute to Kandahar, in Afghanistan.

Among all the aircraft involved in the deployment (91-0336, 91-0388, 91-0341, 96-0082, 96-0081, 91-0391, 91-0405, 91-0406, 91-0408, 91-0409) “Cube 31”, the example serialled 91-0391, sported a brand new dark grey paint scheme (with seemingly shades of gold).

Image credit: Antonio Muñiz Zaragüeta