Never seen before F-35's centerline gun pod unveiled

Feb 23 2012 - 6 Comments

This image was posted on the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) few hours after I published the F-35 progress report with all the 2012’s updates.

On Feb. 22, six days after the first F-35A CTOL (Conventional Take Off and Landing) had flown with external stores, even the STOVL (Short Take Off and Vertical Landing) variant of the Joint Strike Fighter, flew for the first time with external weapons.

Noteworthy, along with the AIM-9X carried by the CTOL, the F-35B carried a never seen before (at least in photo) white 25 mm gun pod on the centerline.

Its particular shape was probably designed to fit in the triangular space between the fuselage weapons doors.

Image credit: Lockheed Martin

  • Marco Meschino

    Addirittura il pod esterno per il cannone?!?

    E’ veramente un pozzo inesauribile di novità e di costi questo F35!

  • IK-3

    A Joint Strike Frankenstein, that’s what it is. Good luck LM in making this a viable design – it would truly be a triumph of will over reason.

  • john

    So whenever the 25mm gun is mounted, you can’t store any weapons in the internal weapon bay?

    • The shape is such to let you store weapons in the internal bay.

  • What happens with the stealth properties when all these external things are mounted?

  • Hopeful

    so maybe they are starting to figure this plane out? great concept- but not so great in the execution of the design process.