The Pagani Zonda Tricolore and the MV Agusta F4: the guest stars of the Rivolto airshow

Sep 20 2010 - 4 Comments

The various display teams and solos that attended the 50th Anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori airshow, were not the only stars of the two day event (Sept. 11 and 12, 2010). The VIP area hosted two special guests: the Pagani Zonda Tricolore and the MV Agusta F4, both celebrating the 50th season of the Italian display team. The Pagani limited-edition Zonda Tricolore has a tub made from a carbon fibre and titanium weave, while the body is pure carbon fibre; the blue-lacquer finish and the Italian-flag stripes recall the colour scheme of the MB.339A/PAN of the Frecce Tricolori. List price: 1.3 million Euro.
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, MV Agusta dressed its most powerful and prestigious of its creations, the new F4, in the colours of the sky and of the Italian flag, producing 11 unique motorcycles in “Frecce Tricolori” livery. The eleven examples were prepared with special components in noble materials such as carbonfibre and titanium, are numbered exactly as the eleven aerobatic aircraft (10 flying + 1 of the Commander), and are inspired by their distinctive graphics. A small silver plate on the steering head indicates the number and id of the aircraft to which each of the bikes is associated.

  • Hi David, I was wondering if you have more images on the Zonda Tricolroe featured here, and more specifically if you do know or remember what was written in the tag attached in front of the passenger seat. I know it is the progressive number of the car “x of 3”, and it seems from you pictures that this is the second car.
    Can you confirm this?

    Thank you very much for your images :)

  • Ciao,
    unfortunately, these are the only images I took of the Zonda Tricolore. Will ask if anybody remembers the text in front of the passenger seat’s tag.

  • Thanks David!
    I’ve already figured this isn’t the first car built, so it should be safe to say it’s the second, unless they oddly named it the third for the sake of it.
    If you don’t mind, I’ve posted your pics of this car (giving credits and a direct link to this page) on a small forum about Pagani’s cars where I’m a moderator. Let me know if that’s OK with you, or if I should remove them.

    Link: (you have to log in to see the page though).

    Thanks again,

    PS congrats for your website and your interesting articles

    • Ciao Damiano,
      no problem, I’m happy the pictures and link appear in a forum about the Pagani cars.
      Thank you,