Largest ItAF F-16 formation for the GEA reunion

On Oct 4, the Gruppo Efficienza Aeromobili (GEA) of the 5° Stormo, at Cervia, celebrated its first Reunion. The “Primo Raduno GEA” was celebrated by a formation of 9 F-16s + 1 F-16B as photo chase, most probably the largest ever held by the Aeronautica Militare (ItAF, Italian Air Force) with the F-16. All the aircraft of the GEA (that “owns” the aircraft), Special Colour comprised, piloted by the pilots of the 23° Gruppo, attended the air display and performed a series of flypasts and aerobatic maneuvers above the airbase.
The 10 aircraft currently allocated to the 5° Stormo are:
The GEA, commanded by Lt.Col. Stefano Bulgarelli, celebrated also an outstanding maintenance performance: in the last 45 days, the Gruppo has achieved a 100% efficency of the assigned aircraft.
Pierpaolo Maglio, was in Cervia and took the following exclusive pictures of the air display.

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  1. If you check Special Colour Cockpit well you may see that a movie-camera has been attached to the right side of the cockpit.
    For the great part of the show the Special flew as Tail End Charlie in the formation, so I guess Maj. Floreani filmed the whole flight from that position.

  2. Anyway Cencio

    A friend of mine (Rick) yesterday flown in formation with 4 F16 on board S208 in front of Cervia.


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