Giornata Azzurra 2008 – pictures (part 3) – static display

Here is a selection of pictures of the huge Pratica di Mare static display.
Among the most photographed aircraft, the mock up of the JSF, the UAE Mirages, the Turkish NF-5 and also the new Punto Abarth of the Frecce Tricolori. Other interesting aircraft were the ROF Mig-21 and AN-26, G-222VS, the last ItAF B707 (that in spite of its last operative flight, is still flying some sorties from Pratica di Mare), the NH-500E with rockets and in MEDEVAC configuration.

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  1. Hi David
    great shots.
    Thank you for sharing.

    I have a couple of questions
    a) The G.222vs was displayed also on sunday? I don’t remember seeing it (but it can be I just not noticed it)
    b) Why haven’t you take photos of the most recent aircraft – the NH90 of Esercito Italiano

  2. Hi Norbert,
    thank you for you comments.
    I took those pictures of the G222VS on Saturday and since I didn’t visit the static on Sunday, I don’t know if the aircraft was still there. I will ask to someone else.
    Dealing with the NH90, I took a lot of pics of the helo but I had to publish here just a selection.
    A picture of the aircraft arriving on May 23 is available here:

  3. Uhm – did I miss also the sf-260 or was it not on display on sunday? I see it on this page but I didn’t see it sunday.


  4. Sorry but the g222 VS was located in the same location since Friday morning to Monday morning.

    The Sf260EA with special colour was arrived in the static area on friday morning with 2 pilots from Latina AB (70 stormo) no air display.


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