Spring Flag 2008 pictures

The air operations taking place during the first week of Exercise Spring Flag 2008 are shown in the following pictures that the reporter Giovanni Maduli took in Decimomannu airbase. Noteworthy, the intense flying activity of the German Air Force detachment (8th week of TDY) and the images of the G.222VS used for ELINT and SIGINT missions.
One of the most interesting scenario of the first week of the SF08 was a simulated CASEVAC (Casualties Evacuation) launched on Apr 8 to rescue 4 people (2 journalists, 1 member of the international cooperation and 1 embassy officer) that had been wounded by an explosion. The medical team was carried by a HH-3F escorted by two A-129 of the Esercito Italiano (Italian Army) and another HH-3F in CSAR (Combat SAR) configuration. After completing the medical assessment, the injured in worst conditions was transferred by an AB.212ICO to the nearest airbase, to be boarded in a C-130J and moved to the Celio Military Hospital, in Rome. The remaining three injured were examinated using a special cardiological equipment contained in a briefcase of the Foreign Affairs Ministry while health care service was provided by means of a sophisticated Telemedicine device that broadcasted diagnostic images for examination to the medical team located in the Celio Hospital. In order to train personnel that is asked to manage communication crisis, a simulated Press Conference attended via videoconference by the Ambassador, the Coalition spokesman and the Chief of the Crisis Unit of the Foreign Affair Ministry.

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