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Unusual (and stunning) view of an Avro Vulcan from a Lancaster’s rear turret

Vulcan from Lancaster

The following image shows Avro Vulcan XH558 (carrrying civil registration G-VLCN), the only airworthy bomber of a fleet of 134 Vulcan V bombers operaageed by the Royal Air Force from 1953 until 1984.

Vulcan XH558 is not a rare plane, since it has been the highlight of several airshows in the UK, but what makes this image unique is the fact that it was shot from another legendary plane: a Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Lancaster PA474.

In 1943 Lancaster bombers of the 617 Sqn conducted daring night attacks against the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams, pivotal to Hitler’s industrial heartland in the Ruhr Valley.

Image credit: BBMF Facebook page (thanks to Panos Angelopoulos for the heads-up)


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View from the gun turret of a WWII Lancaster bomber as it soars over London

BBMF over London

The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Lancaster PA474 once again took part in the Queens Birthday Celebration fly past over London 15th June 2013.

The UK Ministry of Defence shared two extremely interesting videos captured from aboard the WWII plane that was famous for its attacks on German dams.

Here’s the first one:

And, here’s the second:

It’s amazing how a 70-year old plane is kept airworthy and takes part to UK’s most important airshows and flypasts.

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Seen from the inside: stunning Lancaster’s on-board video shows aerial gunner’s view of Derwent Dam flypast


On May 16-17, UK’s Royal Air Force celebrates the 70th anniversary of one its most famous raid in RAF history: the Dams raid conducted by 617 Squadron.

The “Dambusters”, half of those never returned from the raids, were honoured with a dramatic tribute: on May 15, a Lancaster from RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight,  performed three runs over the Derwent Dam that, back in 1943 was used by the 617 Sqn pilots to train in preparing of the daring night missions against the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams, pivotal to Hitler’s industrial heartland in the Ruhr Valley.

Below, an AP image of the Lancaster taken from the ground.


Image credit: AP

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[Animation] The Queen's Diamond Jubilee flypast over London as seen from a radar-like computer display

Click on the image to start animation

The following animation showing the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee flypast over Buckingham palace was recorded on PlanePlotter by John Locker.

In this animation we can see the C-47 Dakota flight  [ZA947] and Lancaster flight [PA474] join up then fly down the Mall before breaking off to the north.

Other aircraft can be clearly seen in the animation: [CWL68] were the B200s with serial ZK453 and ZK454 (with SCE84 being probably a spare Beech); [P7350] was the Spitfire; [NOH23] was a chopper out of RAF Northolt, possibly on security duty.

Noteworthy, a Spitfire and a Hurricane pop up in the early frames but once joined up, only the lead aircraft in each section continued with Mode S.

Image courtesy John Locker

PlanePlotter (PP) is a software that receives and decodes live digital position reports from aircraft and plots them on a chart.

Using PlanePlotter, you can see a radar-like display of all those aircraft around you that are transmitting the appropriate digital messages including ACARS, ADS-B and HFDL. Needless to say, you need the appropriate hardware (receiver, antenna, etc.) to get the digital signals.

Unlike other very well known Internet services, as Flightradar24.com or Planefinder.net, PP has some more features, including

  • Multilateration to locate and track those aircraft which do not send  position reports
  • Beamfinder, Beamfinder Plus and Beamfinder Plus S: PlanePlotter can use the pings from known radar stations to calibrate the rotating beam and to use that information to locate aircraft not transmitting position

[Updated] Diamond Jubilee flypast over London as seen from a four-engined Second World War heavy bomber

Released by the UK’s Ministry of Defence, the following footage brings you on board an Avro Lancaster bomber of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight during the Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee flypast over Buckingham Palace on Jun. 5.

The video was filmed from the Lancaster’s nose bomb aimer position, located just below the Frazer Nash FN5 nose turret, and from the cockpit.

Enjoy the view of London  from the large transparent perspex nose cupola.

And here’s the video taken from a Spitfire.