After deterioration of relations with Turkey, Israeli and Greek combat planes take part in a military exercise in Greece

Nov 01 2012 - 3 Comments

As explained in “Known and unknown incidents prove Turkey and Israel have come closer to war than you might believe”, an exercise involving the Hellenic Air Force and Israeli Air Force took place between Oct. 21 – 26 at Larissa airbase in Greece. The drills were held as a follow up of last November’s visit of the HAF’s 337 Sq. to Ovda airbase, in the Negev.

Ten double seat IAF F-16I Sufa multirole fighters belonging to the 119 Sqn “Bat” (Ha’ Atalef) [#413, #448, #491], the 201 Sqn “The One” (Ahat) [#857, #868, #880] and 253 Sqn “Negev” (Ha’ Negev) [#407, #445, #476, #478], including 152 pilots and ground crew arrived from Ramon airbase, in Israel.

All the F-16I Sufa (as those possibly taking part to the air strike in Sudan last week…) sported a configuration including the characteristic Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs), inert AIM-9L Sidewinder and Litening II and LANTIRN pods.

Greece participated with F-16 Block 52+ and Mirage-2000Mk2 fighter jets from 110, 111 and 114 FW.

Air-to-air, air-to-surface and Composite Air Operations (COMAO) day and night missions were flown during the exercise.

H/T to Strategy Reports for the heads-up

Image credit: HAF