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World’s Last A-7 Corsair II attack aircraft retired from active service in Greece

The Hellenic Air Force (HAF) has retired the A-7 Corsair II from active service with a ceremony at Araxos airbase.

On Oct. 17, the Hellenic Air Force organized a ceremony to celebrate the retirement of the last A-7 Corsair flying with 116 Combat Wing (116 PM) jets at Araxos airbase after 39 years of active service.

A-7 line up nose

The event included static displays of A-7 and F-16 aircraft, a photography exhibition, flights and aircraft transits and demonstrations by the Air Demonstration Teams “Zeus” with an F-16 and “Daedalus” with a T-6A aircraft.

A-7 line up

Along with the last A-7s aircraft in the typical exotic camouflaged color scheme, a retired Corsair in a celebratory livery was unveiled during the ceremony at Araxos airbase.

A-7 last special color

As a consequence of the retirement of the last A-7 light attack planes, the HAF operates now 157 F-16s, 44 Mirage 2000 and 45 R/F-4Es.

TA-7 takeoff

During the Araxos spotters day, there was the opportunity to observe the local F-16s involved in their usual training activity.

F-16 HAF landing

Photographer Daniele Faccioli attended the event at Araxos and took the images in this post.

TA-7 old livery

 H/T e-Amyna for providing additional information used in this article. Image credit: Daniele Faccioli


F-4 low passage after take off

A few days ago I’ve published a dramatic picture of a Tornado ECR perfoming a low level passage after take off from Cameri here http://cencio4.wordpress.com/2009/03/25/low-level-tornado-ecr/. Those who commented the picture have different opinions: some believe that maneuver was suicidal or at least too risky; others thinks that things like that are extremely funny. I too believe that kind of low passage is spectacular but that kind of +45° left turn performed a few meters above the tarmac after take off, is too dangerous. The turn is made towards a crowd that is watching and filming the show and this makes the maneuver even more risky.
I witnessed something perhaps less spectacular but safer in October 2004, when the Hellenic Air Force F-4 Phantoms were deployed to Grazzanise for Ex. Destined Glory. The following photo-sequence (or “postcard”) shows a low passage, performed along the runway 24 centerline, immediately after take off by one the HAF F-4s.

A higher resolution version (3000×319 px) of the photo-sequence can be found here.