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Watch this: Polish Su-22 Fitter Deploys Drag Chute Before Touching the Runway

This is something you don’t see too often: early deployment of the drag parachute.

Last Saturday something unusual took place at the Polish Air Force’s 21st Airbase in Świdwin, during the airbase’s open day. As a part of the display routine a Su-22 Fitter jet intentionally overshot the landing: the pilot deployed the drag chute prematurely, causing the aircraft to hit the runway very hard.

It was also an unusual sight to see the jet with the chute trailing behind it, still being up in the air. This also gave the photographers and spectators at the base to witness this unique sight.

Drag (or drogue) chutes are a quite common design trait of the Soviet-made jets. The system consists of a single or several parachutes placed in a special pod located in the rear section of the fuselage. The chute is ejected with the use of a smaller parachute, spring-driven or compressed air based system. After the aircraft comes to a halt, the chute is separated to prevent the aircraft from being dragged on the runway. Moreover, the chute often comes with a safety system, with a ring that breaks if the braking system is deployed at a speed which is too high. In the case above probably the speed was low enough to keep the said element intact and the chute stayed in its place.

Notably, the drag created by drogue chutes is lower than the one experienced in case of the conventional drop-parachutes in order to prevent damage to the aircraft.

The one in the video is one of the techniques used to land on a damaged runway: the chute is deployed about 7 feet above the runway and the aircraft only needs 350 meters to stop.

Video: unidentified flying object trailing a C-17 over the U.S. West Coast

Recorded on Nov. 11, 2011 (or if you prefer on 11/11/11) this video shows an unknown object trailing a C-17 Globemaster III over the U.S. West Coast. Although it is obviously a UFO because it is both unidentified and flying, I don’t believe the object has an alien origin. The distance from the aircraft tail, the position and apparent angle with the flight path make me think to something dragged by the American transport plane, like an undeployed drogue chute used for cargo drop (even if the cargo door seems to be closed) or a pallet that has lost (?) the extraction chute.

Another intriguing theory: the UFO is actually an unknown sensor or antenna.

The green tailband makes the C-17 a 62nd AW plane from McChord AFB, Washington.

Below, a U.S. Air Force image that shows how a C-17 air drop looks like from distance.