In this page you can find some of the most interesting panoramic pictures I created using the techniques explained heret: This page will be often updated, as I have many panoramic pictures ready to be uploaded and others will be in the future as soon as I take new images during base visits, exercises, airshows, flights, etc., so I suggest you to bookmark it and visit it frequently.
If you are interested in buying a high resolution version or a print of one of them (up to some meters wide), send me an email.

Civitavecchia harbour November 2008 The Italian aircraft carrier Cavour

Indian Ocean 19.10.09 Two pictures of the flight deck of the USS Nimitz nuclear supercarrier

Frosinone 07.04.09 Two AH-64 Apache of the KLU deployed to Frosinone for mountain training

Vigna di Valle 15.02.09 Inside the Italian Air Force Museum

Grazzanise 17.12.03 Grazzanise boneyard at the end of Year 2003

Axalp 12.10.06 A Swiss F-5 Tiger overflies the control tower during the morning firing activity in the Axalp range

Axalp 12.10.06 Axalp range with the targets on the mountains behind the control tower

Rome 07.08.07 Bentivoglio scrapyard with plenty of retired aircraft

Grazzanise 07.10.04 TuAF F-16s parked on the 10th Gruppo apron during Ex. Destined Glory 04

Grazzanise 07.10.04 HAF Phantoms in the 609th Squadriglia Collegamenti apron during Ex. Destined Glory 04

Grazzanise 07.12.04 37St F-16s parked in the 609 Sq. apron at Grazzanise

Grosseto 19.08.04 The last F-104s of the 9th Gruppo on alert during one of the last QRA shifts

Los Angeles International 04.06.07 Many wide bodies at the LAX Terminal

Pratica di Mare 29.05.04 9 F-104s prepare for take off during Starfighter farewell

Pratica di Mare 29.05.04 F-104s line-up during on the taxyway during Starfighter reunion

Pratica di Mare 29.05.04 An F-104 of the 9th Stormo attends the Starfighter reunion

Pisa 13.10.07 G.222 and C-119 during a tactical airlift event

Rome 09.10.07 The Red Bull Flugtag location

Grazzanise 07.04.04 The famous 9-99 rests in front of a shelter in the 10th Gruppo area of the Grazzanise airport. Two AMX of the 32nd Stormo are visible on the background

Grosseto 19.08.04 Close up of the cockpit of the last TF-104G-M Special Colour of the 20th Gruppo. This is my very first “panoramic close up” picture of an aircraft.

Vigna di Valle 16.09.07 360° view of the Italian Air Force Museum on the Bracciano Lake

Grazzanise 17.12.03 Grazzanise boneyard at the end of Year 2003

Furbara 17.05.05 3 HH-3Fs of the 15th Stormo operating from Furbara airfield during Ex. Joint Raid 05

Gioia del Colle 22.09.04 One of the last Tornado ADVs of the 12th Gruppo getting out of the shelter before departing for a training mission with the Squadron’s MB-339CDs

Grazzanise 04.03.04 SF-260 of the 70th Stormo, deployed to Grazzanise lined-up in the 609th Squadriglia Collegamenti apron next to the Squadriglia’s AB.212AM

Grazzanise 04.03.04 A lone TF-104G of the 20th Gruppo, temporary operating from Grazzanise, sitting in the 10th Gruppo ramp

Grazzanise 07.04.04 Two AMX from Amendola, deploying to Grazzanise for firing activities inside Sardinia ranges

Pratica di Mare 27.04.04 At the end of a training mission “Agip 25” sits in the 14th Stormo apron next to a G.222RM


  1. Ciao David…Trovo interessante la foto scattata a Roma il 07.08.07 a Bentivoglio, nella quale si possono notare parecchi F-104 ammassati come “ferro vecchio”…Da come ho potuto capire, i velivoli radiati vengono sottoposti ad uno “smembramento” totale (perdonami il termine), ovvero tutto ciò che rende funzionale il velivolo viene definitivamente tolto! Questo rispettando il Trattato C.F.E. istituito appositamente per i mezzi non più in servizio. Odiernamente, quei “spilloni” sono ancora nel deposito oppure son stati demoliti? Di solito che destinazioni d’uso si possono trarre da ciò? (anche all’interno della base aerea di Verona-Villafranca vi erano molti esemplari di F-104 parzialmente smontati ed ammassati in una piccola zona, ma con il passare degli anni si sono ridotti…)

    Ciao…a presto!

  2. Ciao !
    I was a “Plane Captain” for F-14 “Tomcats” (VF-142, the GhostRiders) on board the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69).
    We went all around “the Med.” I was also in the USAF before that. I lived in the Friuli region. Aviano AFB. Had an Alfa Romeo & an Italian Girlfriend. Life was good. I have a family tree that was brought over here from Italia that goes back to 1599.
    I really appreciate you putting this site up.
    Fquatrodicci Tomcat on Facebook.
    Mark David John Carbone. Salut !

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