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Qantas safety record

Jan 18 2008

I was trying to find out some new information dealing with the QF2 emergency discussed in my last post when I found this article on the Sydney Morning Herald website:

Qantas defends safety record as it probes jet’s power loss

January 11, 2008 ...

Qantas electric failure(s)

Jan 11 2008

Yesterday, I was reading one of my favourite aviation newsgroup. One of the posts pointed to the following article, published on the Sydney Morning Herald:

Qantas jet failure outrage Edmund Tadros January 9, 2008 – 1:53PM

Passengers were told there was a “stand-by power problem” ...

La turbolenza

Jan 04 2008

Dopo aver brevemente discusso dell’Atmosfera nel precedente post, fornirò alcune nozioni relative alla turbolenza che, come detto, è al centro delle preoccupazioni di molti passeggeri di velivoli commerciali. Esistono diversi tipi di turbolenza, in base ai fenomeni meteorologici che ne ...


Dec 12 2007

Le domande che più di frequente mi vengono rivolte da parenti e amici, persone che non essendo appassionate si interessano al volo solo in occasione di viaggi effettuati a bordo di aerei civili, riguadano la turbolenza. Ritengo sia normalissimo. D’altronde ...

Night activity in Grosseto airbase

Dec 07 2007

On Dec. 5th I went again to Grosseto to make take some long exposure shots during night activities (see also my previous post:

Typhoon MM7287 operating with the RSV landing at sunset:  


Take off of a P-180:

Base turn and landing for ...

C-27J C.S.X. 62127

Dec 03 2007

In a previous post (acrobatic flight with the C-27J) I described my flight with the Alenia C-27J serialled C.S.X. 62127. Noteworthy, Giovanni Maduli went to Pratica di Mare on Nov. 30th and took the following pictures of the same aircraft no ...

Military Aviation

Jul 13 2017
Arizona eBay Seller Lists Large Wing Section of Crashed XB-70 Valkyrie for Auction. With the exception of the occasional echoing t...
Jul 13 2017
Red Flag 17-3 underway at Nellis Air Force Base features both U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force F-35s, for the first time toget...


Jul 11 2017
The Italian Air Force Predator A+ of the 32° Stormo (Wing) appear with new markings. On Jul. 10, the Italian Air Force announced ...
Jun 23 2017
RQ-4 Long Range RPV From Beale AFB Crashes in Mountains, Thunderbirds F-16D Crashes In Runway Rollover. In two separate, unrelated...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Jul 17 2017
Lifelong Aviator’s Fatal Accident is Third P-51 Crash This Month. Talented and widely admired airshow pilot Vlado Lenoch and air...
Jul 15 2017
Impressive footage shows a Belarusian Air Force MiG-29’s failed take off and subsequent ejection. The video below shows a Be...

Rogue States

Jul 18 2017
According to the Russian MoD this video shows a Russian MiG-31 Foxhound taking down a cruise missile. According to the press cente...
Jul 09 2017
Four Italian Typhoons have deployed to Bulgaria to bolster NATO’s Air Policing mission in the Black Sea region. Four Italian...

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