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Yet Another Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 Insane Low Pass Video Emerges

Oct 19 2018
Pair of Su-25M1s flying ultra-low altitude in a new video.

It’s pretty obvious: Ukrainian Air Force pilots fly low quite often and new videos showing a Ukrainian jet buzzing someone at airbases around the country appear regularly.

On Sept. 30 we have ...

Here’s Why Calling The Footage of a RAAF Boeing C-17 Flying Low Over Brisbane a “9/11 Stunt” is Nonsense

Oct 16 2018
A Royal Australian Air Force C-17 Globemaster III took part in the traditional Brisbane Riverfire Festival. Clips of the airlifter flying between the buildings inundated the social networks. And someone labelled the display as an unnecessary “9/11 stunt”. Here’s why ...

Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 Has Crashed in Ukraine. Unconfirmed Reports Say Ukrainian And American Pilot Killed.

Oct 16 2018
Unconfirmed reports say an American pilot was also aboard the Ukrainian Flanker.

On Oct. 16, a Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 flying a training mission crashed near Ulaniv (between the settlements of Berdichev and Khmilnyk) in Ukraine, the General Staff of the ...

UK F-35B Performs World’s First Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing During HMS Queen Elizabeth Trials

Oct 15 2018
The F-35 Patuxent River Integrated Test Force (ITF) achieved a new milestone performing a Shipborne Rolling Vertical Landing (SRVL) on aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

On Oct. 13, an F-35B STOVL (Short Take Off Vertical Landing) variant of the Joint Strike ...

F-16 Completely Destroyed By Another F-16 After Mechanic Accidentally Fires Cannon On The Ground In Belgium

Oct 14 2018
Bizarre F-16’s “ground-to-ground” kill injures two. It’s the second accidental aerial weapon discharge in Europe this year.

A Belgian Air Force F-16 has been destroyed and another aircraft damaged when the M61A1 Vulcan 20mm cannon on board a third F-16 was ...

RAF Lakenheath Hosts Large-Force Dissimilar Air Combat Training with U.S. Air Force F-22, F-15C, F-15E and Navy F/A-18E/F jets

Oct 12 2018
The 48th Fighter Wing hosts a big exercise, integrating joint service as well as 4th and 5th Generation capabilities.

One of the biggest military exercises the 48th Fighter Wing has ever hosted, began on Tuesday Oct. 9, 2018, at RAF Lakenheath, ...

Military Aviation

Nov 13 2018
Three Times as Many Thumbs Down to “Wear My Medals on The Left” As Thumbs Up. On Nov. 6, 2018, the Australian War Memorial pos...
Nov 10 2018
A Look Back at the F-35Bs deployed to the Middle East on the 243rd Birthday of the USMC. Today is the 243rd Anniversary of the Uni...


Nov 04 2018
A drone with a significant resemblance to the Northrop Grumman X-47B has been unveiled at China’s biggest airshow. A new dro...
Aug 06 2018
Drone attack on President Maduro caught on video. According to press reports and official reports two drones armed with explosives...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Nov 12 2018
It’s also the Second Crash for Reagan in One Month Following MH-60 Seahawk Crash Last Month. A two-seat U.S. Navy F/A-18F Su...
Nov 08 2018
Polish Air Force MiG-29 Fulcrums back in the air. On Nov. 5, 2018, at 2:36PM, MiG-29UBM ’28’ of the Polish Air Force t...

Rogue States

Nov 10 2018
A Look Back at the F-35Bs deployed to the Middle East on the 243rd Birthday of the USMC. Today is the 243rd Anniversary of the Uni...
Nov 08 2018
Russia’s Newest Fifth Generation Fighter Dances Behind An-12 In Unique Photo-Op. Great video of Russia’s latest Sukhoi Su-57 f...

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