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Check Out These Amazing Photos Taken By A U-2 Pilot At The Edge Of Space

Feb 24 2018
This is the panorama you get from the cockpit of a legendary U-2 Dragon Lady aircraft.

Ross Franquemont is a U-2 pilot and instructor at the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron, based at Beale Air Force Base, California. Fortunately for the rest of ...

Ten Years Ago Today The U.S. Air Force Lost Its First B-2 Stealth Bomber During Take Off From Guam. And Here Are Two Videos.

Feb 23 2018
B-2 “Spirit of Kansas” #89-0127 crashed on Feb. 23, 2008. It was the most expensive crash in USAF history.

Ten years ago, the U.S. Air Force lost one of its 21 B-2 Spirit stealth bombers.

The aircraft, #89-0127 “Spirit of Kansas”, belonging ...

Looks Like Russia Has Just Deployed Two Of Its Brand New Su-57 Stealth Jets To Syria

Feb 22 2018
Quite surprisingly, Russia sent two of its Su-57 stealth jets to Syria. So, once again, Moscow will use the Syrian Air War as a test bed for its most advanced “hardware”. But the deployment is both an opportunity and a ...

Here’s the New “Bronco II” Precision Strike Aircraft for Counterinsurgency/Irregular Warfare missions

Feb 21 2018
Based on the weird South African AHRLAC aircraft (Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft) the Bronco II was launched today in the US market.

On Feb. 21, the newly created Bronco Combat System (BCS) USA announced the launch of the Bronco II, ...

57th Rescue Squadron Performs Rare Jump Onto Aviano Airbase

Feb 21 2018
With the support of C-130J aircraft from the 86th Airlift Wing, 57th Rescue Squadron made a rare jump onto Aviano airbase.

Although it is scheduled to complete the move, along with the 56th, from RAF Lakenheath, UK, to Aviano AB, Italy, ...

Norway Has Completed A Successful Verification Of The F-35 Drag Chute System, Unique To The Norwegian Aircraft.

Feb 20 2018
The chute, housed under a small fairing on the upper rear fuselage between the vertical tails, is unique to the Norwegian aircraft.

On Feb. 16, the Royal Norwegian Air Force completed a successful verification of the F-35A drag chute system at ...

Military Aviation

Mar 16 2018
Order for Retraining of Public Affairs Officers Signals Tighter Control on Reporting. The U.S. Air Force has issued new, more cont...
Mar 14 2018
Saab’s new AEW&C aircraft has successfully completed its maiden flight. On Mar. 14, Saab GlobalEye, a modified Bombardie...


Feb 28 2018
Photos shot from UFO Seekers allegedly show unknown, triangular object interacting with two U.S. Air Force F-16s. But it’s p...
Feb 16 2018
One of the RQ-4B Global Hawk drone converted into EQ-4 has logged 20,000 flight hours operating as a “flying gateway” ...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Mar 17 2018
A USAF HH-60 From Alaska Crashes, Crew of Seven Die Near Al-Qaim, Iraq on Thursday. All seven crew members on board a U.S. Air For...
Mar 15 2018
Aircraft Was from Strike Fighter Attack Squadron (VFA) 213 On Routine Training Sortie. It’s the 14th major incident involvin...

Rogue States

Mar 14 2018
The clip shows also an “interaction” with a Russian Navy Su-30SM. As part of the Task Force Air (TFA) 36° Stormo (Win...
Mar 12 2018
First “Kinzhal” Fired from MiG-31 in Southwest Russia Hits Target According to Russians. But it’s a modified Isk...

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