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Check Out This Interesting Video Showing Finnish Air Force F/A-18C/D Hornet MLU 2 Jets Carrying JASSM, JSOW and JDAM air-to-ground weapons

May 08 2018
Here’s a somehow rare video showing Finland’s Boeing F/A-18C/D Hornet fighters, upgraded to the MLU 2 configuration, carrying JSOW (Joint Standoff Weapon), JASSM (Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile), and GBU-31 JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munitions) bombs.

All the 62 Finnish Air Force’s Boeing ...

This Updated Chart Shows (Most Of) The Assets Involved in Apr. 14 Air Strike On Syria

May 07 2018
This revised chart provides a good overview of the assets that took part in the Trilateral strikes on Syria last month.

As our readers already know, in the night between Apr. 13 and 14 the U.S., UK and France launched air ...

Russia Shows New Hypersonic Missile on Two MiG-31 Aircraft in Victory Day Rehearsals.

May 05 2018
New Photos Reveal Two MiG-31K “Foxhound” Flying Over Moscow Ahead of Parade.

Exciting photos emerged Friday on social media of the unique Russian Aerospace Forces long range interceptor, the MiG-31K (NATO codename “Foxhound”) carrying the new long range, hypersonic Kh-47M2 “Kinzhal” ...

U.S. Marines Request Contractors To Provide Russian-Built Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopters

May 04 2018
Russian Mi-24 Attack or Mi-17 Transport Helicopters Could Augment Training Authenticity.

A report in the Marine Corps Times from Friday, April 27 by journalist Kyle Rempfer revealed that the U.S. Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force Training Command has filed a ...

Russian Su-30SM Crashes In Syria. Both Pilots Dead.

May 03 2018
A Su-30SM Flanker has crashed into the Med Sea shortly after taking off from Hmeymim airfield.

On May 3, 2018, at 06:45 GMT, a Russian Su-30SM belonging to the contingent deployed to Latakia, in northwestern Syria, crashed into the sea shortly ...

Puerto Rico Air National Guard WC-130H Crashes near Chatham City, Georgia.

May 02 2018
Reports Say 9 People on Board Dead.

A Lockheed WC-130H transport plane, 65-0968, from the 156th Airlift Wing from Puerto Rico has crashed near Chatham City, Georgia today. There were 5 crewmembers and 4 passengers on board. All of them reportedly died ...

Military Aviation

May 24 2018
A photograph of an Israeli Air Force F-35 flying (more or less..) “over” Beirut has been made public. Interestingly, t...
May 23 2018
F-35, T-346, Typhoon, AV-8B, CAEW among the assets involved Italy’s largest exercise supported (for the first time) by the U...


Feb 28 2018
Photos shot from UFO Seekers allegedly show unknown, triangular object interacting with two U.S. Air Force F-16s. But it’s p...
Feb 16 2018
One of the RQ-4B Global Hawk drone converted into EQ-4 has logged 20,000 flight hours operating as a “flying gateway” ...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

May 23 2018
Two Flight Crew Hospitalized. No Ground Casualties in Crash of Advanced Trainer. It’s the second T-38 crash in 6 months, fif...
May 13 2018
This is why aircraft carriers have JBD (Jet Blast Deflectors). The videos below show an incident that occurred aboard USS Independ...

Rogue States

May 25 2018
TSgt. John Chapman May Have Fought Desperate, Solo Battle to Safeguard Rescuers. Alone, abandoned, outgunned. USAF Tech Sgt. John ...
May 24 2018
A photograph of an Israeli Air Force F-35 flying (more or less..) “over” Beirut has been made public. Interestingly, t...

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