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This video taken 26 years ago today shows why low level airdrop can be extremely dangerous

Jul 01 2013

Airdrops from military cargo planes are not always performed at high altitude, as the one showed in the spectacular video posted a few days ago.

LAPES (Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System) enables cargo aircraft to quickly deploy large cargo without the ...

Military chopper illuminated by hundred green laser pointers during anti-Morsi protests in Cairo

Jul 01 2013

The following video is impressive.

It shows the effect of hundreds of green laser pointers on an Egyptian chopper (possibly an Mi-8/17 Hip) during the anti-Morsi protests in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt on Jun. 30, 2013.

The lasers make the chopper fuselage ...

Former US adversaries to buy Russian attack choppers…with US consent

Jun 30 2013

According to the last year’s contract Iraq is to buy 10 Mi-28NE Night Hunter (NATO codename: Havoc) along with armament and equipment, reports.

It is the first delivery of choppers, being a part of a bundle of contracts between Iraq ...

[Photo] F-35B head-on during aerial refueling from a KC-10

Jun 28 2013

Taken by Dane Wiedmann and released by Code One magazine, this interesting photo shows USMC test pilot Lt. Col. Patrick Moran, flying F-35B BF-2, as he performs aerial refueling tests off of a U.S. Air Force KC-10 on Jun. 25, ...

Awesome video: airdrop from the pallet (being airdropped) point of view

Jun 28 2013

That’s a really interesting video.

It shows a pallet being air dropped from a French Air Force C-160 Transal over Mali.

Have you ever seen an airdrop from the pallet’s point of view?

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Russia seeking for Antonov An-26 replacement

Jun 27 2013

As reports, the Russian MoD has announced that it started to look for a replacement of the Antonov An-26 (NATO codename: Curl) plane.

Image credit:

Twin-engined turboprop aircraft are slowly coming to an end of their service life. What is more – ...

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